Are you running a Restaurant? Thinking of developing your own food delivery team to serve your customers? Then, it is the best idea that you have ever got to uplift your business. Because if you develop your own delivery team, you get to know about your customer and get in touch with them and can build a relationship with them. You can customize offers, deals, and promotions for better performance with them. You can build 24*7 customer support. Also, statistical data reveals that the food delivery market is about to hit a growth of 16% and touch $17.02 billion by 2023. This statistics energizes the startups and entrepreneurs. There are various reasons why you should develop your own food delivery application. They are discussed here: 

Over the shoulder view of a young woman waiting for takeaway food delivery at the dinning table.

Cutting down the commission to the Third-party:

                 If you are not having a separate delivery team, you will have to incorporate with some third-party food aggregators. If you do so, you will have to pay some amount as commission to them. For that you have to increase the price or decrease the profitability. Commissions with taxation may be charged upto 30% sometimes. This will be your responsibility to pay. So having your own food aggregator cut down the commission payment.

Building customer Relationship:

            If you don’t have a food delivery team, the food aggrevators by-passes the relationship with your customers. They only have the name, contact details, email id, and all. 

After getting these details they will digitally promote their brand rather give you a chance of getting in touch with the customer. So if you have your own delivery team, you can build a relationship with your customer by using their contact details. You can push notifications to their mobile number and email address. Another point is food aggregators have more restaurants tie-up with them. So they highlight the offers and discounts of other restaurants to your customers, this indirectly supports your competitor restaurant to take the share of your market.

Customers can customize their order:

               If you have your own food delivery team, you can provide the option of customizing the food they order. For example, if a customer orders ice cream, they may have the option of choosing their own toppings like choco chips, cherry, tutty-fruity, etc. If a customer orders for any beverages, they can customize the quantity of sweeteners to be added. These kind of services attracts your customers and they will be your own customers forever. Next is you can customize offers for every customers. For example, if a customer orders for biryani often or all the time, you can customize an offer on Briyani to that customer alone to encourage him/her and build an everlasting relationship with the customer.

Optimizes Delivery :

           Having your own delivery team increases delivery efficiency. If you collaborate with a third-party food delivery team, their availability is also considered to take an order. If you are ready to take an order and when it is available too, if the delivery partner is not available to serve in the particular region, that order has to be cancelled. If you have your own, you can deliver as per your convenience. Third-party food delivery partnerships may delay the delivery due to many orders in the same location. If it is your delivery team then they will do it on time with concern to your brand.

Avoiding Competition:

  If you have your own food delivery application, the application fully has your own brand. Whereas, if it is a third-party delivery team their application shows all the restaurants having collaborated with them. So the customer may always order for some other restaurant’s special food item. If you are good and qualified in the same food item too they don’t order from you if they have another chance. This encourages competition around you. So it is better to have your own food delivery application to reach more profit and to make your customer happy. Reach the best food delivery app development company and develop your own food app today.


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