As the world becomes more mobile dependent, the demand for food delivery applications has increased significantly. If we talk about the current situation when people are afraid to leave their homes, they want to get their needs on their doorstep. The online food supply market will not be touched by the power of new market demands and online food distribution applications. As the use of food applications increases, it is expected that the next five years will be filled with more global integration. 

What makes a food delivery app successful?

When you think of a food delivery app business, you need to target two customers. One is the restaurant, the other is the user. Each different food app tries to target different types of customers. Before investing in mobile app development, you need to make sure that all the components and features that make up a reliable food delivery app remain intact.

We know mobile app development is growing rapidly, here we have compiled a list of 11 features that should be in a restaurant and food delivery app.

Easy Onboarding:

When people download a new app to order food – you should not ask them to fill out a long-form that asks countless questions such as name, age, address, or other details like this. Get them into use and make it easy for them to use.

Allowing users to register on the same plate using social media instantly satisfies and moves them to try out the app feature without wasting their time in the long registration process.

Or on the other hand, if you want to keep it systematic by not integrating any social media with your food ordering and delivery app, just asking for a name and mobile number should suffice. It’s good for users to complicate things by forcing them to create complex usernames.

Real-time tracking:

Integrating this feature into your application is like attacking two targets with the same goal. First, it allows your interested users to track the location of their orders using real-time GPS. Second, it helps your drivers find the optimal way to reach users’ doorsteps – saving them time and fuel by reducing delivery times.

If you integrate this feature into your application, you and your users can easily track the location of the application and every move of the delivery staff.

Offers and Discounts:

What’s better for you than your favorite restaurant comes to you at a discount. Becoming not only a reliable source of food but also a reliable source of promo codes and seasonal offers is an easy and effective way to attract customers. Ensure that your users’ checking on their phone while hunting for food should be your app. 

Location-based search:

People are generally familiar with their nearby restaurants, but trying to move to other neighborhoods, or ordering food from home can be a daunting task. However, with location-based tracking, hungry users can find out what their options are and how far they are, no matter what city they are in. 

Order scheduling:

The order scheduling feature is one of the unique features in your restaurant mobile app or food ordering app. This will be a help for those who want to save time and do not want to waste it by re-ordering the same food.

Having this feature will help you grow your business. At the same time, it will increase the retention rate of your business.

Easy payment methods:

Food delivery apps help users avoid long lines in front of restaurants – the ability to pay for an app takes their experience one step further by giving them more convenience.

Therefore, you need to make the payment method much easier to attract your customers by offering all the payment options available in the app.

You need to include as many payment methods as possible in your app to provide a seamless food ordering experience for your users. For example, credit or debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Online Banking, Cash on Delivery, etc.

Contactless delivery:

Considering the current situation where every person is afraid of being caught by viruses, it is imperative to add a contactless delivery feature in your application.

Leaving food parcels on the doorstep or sending your driver a picture of where you want your food – these are the new ways users want to get their orders these days.

So, if you plan to launch your app anytime, consider adding this feature.

Food customization:

Many food lovers always have a personalized diet. They like to keep food the way they want it.

Incorporating food customization features into your restaurant mobile app is a unique feature. This way, you can gain the trust of your customers’ eating habits and delight them with new choices based on those experiences.

Customer feedback:

Your restaurant serves finger-licking food in town and if people don’t know about it, it hurts a bit.

Therefore, integrating the customer feedback feature into restaurant mobile apps or food delivery applications is the simplest and best way to gain insights. It is necessary to review and recommend changes to survive in the market, and no one can do this better than the users.

Integrating a customer feedback portal into restaurant mobile and food delivery applications allows users to share their experience, which helps build customer engagement.

Push notifications:

Integrating push notifications into restaurant mobile or food delivery apps is easy, but a significant feature that can catch the customers at any time and help you maintain a positive and frequent customer relationship.

However, push notifications must be managed properly. Excessive use of this feature may irritate users, resulting in slower use or termination of your application service.

Giving you maximum flexibility allows you to customize notifications by selecting a preferred media, such as text, email, and push notifications at a specific time.

Delivery person contact information:

After placing an order and confirming payments, customers should obtain detailed information on the person who will be delivering the food.

This will save the customer and the delivery person time.

Direct contact between these two parties will solve the problems related to searching the house and the customer can go to the delivery staff with shortcuts, which may make timely deliveries.

Wrapping up:

While the food delivery industry is attractive and prosperous with opportunities for new-gen entrepreneurs, you need a feature-rich and seamless solution to capture this market. Keep in mind that users already have other options  so they will only come if they find something unique in your application.

If you start an app with the features mentioned above you can take your users’ experience to the next level to achieve your business goals.

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