As a rule, it’s difficult to state that one innovation is entirely superior to another. Every innovation has its own qualities and shortcomings. I’ll address the advances you’ve distinguished one by one.


Firebase is a constant database that utilizations Websockets and MongoDB. You are given full control over the database mapping and all the code that is utilized to connect with the server is characterized on the customer side. Here are a few advantages and downsides:

Frameworks: There are some old frameworks Which is now give illuminating on Firebase. The Chat SDK has a structure for both iOS and Android which is available on Github.

Flexibility: You can choose your own particular information structures you require. On the off chance that you needed to send new messages you could. You could likewise bolster WebRTC and utilize Firebase for flagging.

Persistence: You can naturally backup those messages on the server so if a client loses their gadget, they could simply match up with server and recover their messages.

Performance: Websockets and MongoDB permit elite and a considerable measure of simultaneous associations

Not Specialised: Firebase doesn’t portray any traditions so you would need to envision this yourself. You would need to pick what information to fuse on a message, and how to structure the database

client: All the advising method of reasoning is portrayed in client code which expects to incorporate another stage, you have to re-form all the code.


XMPP remains for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. It is an open XML innovation that empowers continuous correspondence for visit applications and different huge amounts of different applications.

Another extraordinary feature about XMPP is that it is an expectation for everyday comforts that is continually improved by a flourishing group of engineers.

Performance: XMPP servers can be grouped scaling to a huge number of clients.

Defined Protocol: XMPP is an all around characterized convention. This implies in principle, any XMPP application can work with any XMPP server

Open Source: There are various amazing open source XMPP servers – ejabberd, OpenFire, Prosody

Client: The XMPP server gives all the business rationale and the customer just sends and translates a flood of XML messages. This makes it less demanding to convey on numerous stages.

Complex development: Building up a customer for a XMPP server can be substantially more troublesome and tedious that utilizing Firebase in light of the fact that the convention appears to be thick and old now and again

Hard to setup: XMPP servers can be hard to setup and keep up

Bugs: Shockingly the convention isn’t generally taken after accurately which can prompt bugs


Be cautioned that there will be excessively of coding ahead. Both the systems have their own particular high points and low points. There is nobody measure fits-all decision. Measure the advantages and disadvantages we have talked above to settle on a last decision that will settle on your ongoing application decision a reality.

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