Google Allo

The very best by Google is here! If you have been jostling to find one resource that provides consolidated information about the newly launched Google Allo, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered messaging app that was announced alongside Duo, during its annual I/O event in May, this year, here we are.

Some of the Key things to know about the Google Allo messaging app.

#1 The app is designed to keep conversations going even when a person is busy by letting users respond with just a single tap.

#2 Google Allo does this by suggesting responses from various different ones built into the app.

#3 The app will get better at understanding how a person responds over time and make suggestions based on this.

#4 The app is filled with a variety of different emoji and stickers.

#5 It can also be used to send pictures to friends.

#6 Users can customize pictures in the app by drawing on them.

#7 It can also suggest different responses for pictures that are sent by friends.

#8 Google Allo users can also adjust the size of text being sent by sliding the “Send” button up and down.

#9 The app also features a preview version of Google Assistant.

#10 Users can type “@google” to bring Google Assistant into chat.

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