Google Analytics is a must one if you are running an e-commerce store. Google Analytics is introduced in 2005 and it is serving data for all Industries from small to enterprise level businesses. Google Analytics is a must one for E-commerce Business because it depends fully on data. As in the case of E-commerce Industry, correct data can help you to reach new heights and misinterpreted data can push into the ground.

Data Plays a vital role in converting a lead into business or losing it. It helps in expanding sales, as in the case of e-commerce stores or startups.  Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools in driving success and initiating new techniques to drive more revenue.

It can be used only if you know how to use it. Without knowing how to use the tool it will result in improper outputs.

Here the top ten steps that help you to learn how to use Google Analytics to increase sales of your Ecommerce store.

1.Content optimization

Content Optimization differentiates the successful and the unsuccessful companies.  Successful companies give more attention and value to their customers. Learn about your customers need. Google Analytics has an inbuilt SEARCHTERM  option that helps you to view what your customers are looking for on your website. Analytics simplifies your research time, just find the product or exact word that your visitor is looking for and optimize your website based on it.

This can easily improve your rankings in search engines. E-commerce platforms give you more information but analytics provides the ability of what you thought that you could do.

Search Term report will provide you the result that is missing from the visitor’s view. In today’s digital world users are specific with their search terms.

2.Know your Buyer’s Journey

Every buyer goes through many different steps before they decide to buy a product from you. Each and every buyer has a different journey and this can’t be predictable but we can figure out how leads can be converted into sales.

Since the journey of buyers differs from one another they follow a certain way. During their journey, they develop pain points, their questions changes and you need to address that. The best service is when your customers feel you are with them through their journey.

Here Analytics helps in finding the point where your customers stop engaging with your website. It may be an at blog or landing page, check out. BEHAVIOR FLOW REPORT helps in bringing them back from those.

From the Behavior flow chart, you find the engagement ending point and can also filter by using Medium/source. Analysis the report to increase conversions and improve users engagement.

3.Learn About your Customer’s Interest

Each and every customer has their own interest and reason for visiting your website or platform. Google Analytics with its AFFINITY CATEGORIES REPORT  provides the details about the customer’s interests. It distinguishes by demographic. This data will help you to align the website with your customer’s need.

Check the Duration of your Lead Conversions

Now we can look at how your website visitor’s mind works. Google Analytics provides a way to see this without any supernatural power. The PATH LENGTH REPORT gives you the detailed report of how many interactions take place before they make a purchase. This report will make you determine if whether marketing campaigns are useful or need to focus on other aspects. 

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4.Define for much better SEO Management

Running and Maintain an e-commerce website needs more effort and keeping its working and track is even worse. With ANNOTATIONS Analytics allows staying more informed and Organized. By keeping a track you can know which leads to positive and negative changes in your site. Anything from a website redesign or a general news or marketing campaign can be tracked. It can be made simple by clicking the button “create new annotation”.

Check out On-site engagement

Lead Engagement with the website can be gained by your landing pages. The LANDING PAGE REPORT gives you a statistical view of the time span of your visitors. The bounce rate and duration can be seen through this. This gives you a detailed report of which page gives more engagement and which doesn’t. Give more attention to Bounce rate factors since it plays an important role in ranking.

5.Recognize your customer’s value

Google Analytics introduces LIFETIME VALUE Report last year. All successful business knows repeat customers are more worthy. Lifetime value report gives you the value of each and every customer’s journey with your brand or company. Lifetime value of customers can be seen through paid search, email and social. Use this report to improve your business sales and increase your revenue.

Analyze your data better

Some Cryptic data are provided by Google Analytics. Here we can determine some data that can help you to improve your business more.

Dark traffic –  It is a traffic that hides behind the shadow of your reports. To solve this problem, first analysis you are experiencing this dark traffic.

Spam links (Ghost and Crawler) – Even our Gmail accounts get spam emails. Spam comes in two types Ghost and Crawlers. Ghost spams are most well known were as Crawler are not as discreet. It confuses Google Analytics. These Crawler spams distinguish themselves from real visitors from human visitors. It has to filter out like Dark traffic.

6.Drive the time of visitors spending on a certain page

Younger age people between 18 to 25 spends more time on Social media. If a reader doesn’t have patience they won’t read no matter how good the content is. Analytics has a very good solution for it. AVERAGE TIME ON PAGE  gives the customers time spend on the page. This can help you to determine the ideal length of your website content.  This provides a way to give the customers the needed points and can avoid overwhelming of your visitors.

7.Evaluate the data needed for the E-commerce website

Google Analytics has a special feature that it provides the data that every website need. This provides the needed report that every business knows to improve its sales strategies and marketing efforts around their products. By clicking on E-commerce on your analytics data gives you the wealth of data. Customers information’s are gained like willing price ranges, spending habits, which products are frequently purchased and much more.


The beauty of Google analytics is not spoiled. It provides huge data that makes way for e-commerce business to gain more results. Provide with more unique and fresh content in a way that users love to read it. This gives the number of visitors to your website. Give your visitors a very good customer service realizing the buyer’s interest and needs.

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool that provides you with information and reports use that wisely to increase your sales, improve your revenue and give your best customer services to all your visitors.

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