In this modern world, We can’t see even a single person without smartphones. The apps on mobile phones play a vital role in our lives. With these apps, education is also possible for any time and anywhere. It creates more interactive and dynamic experiences for students. Whenever they want to learn and explore many things, these educational apps will help them to learn new things every day. According to recent statistics, the educational mobile app occupies the third most downloaded apps on smartphones. By this, educational classes are being converted into smart classes. 

Educational App Development Guide


 Especially during the COVID-19 period, there is a dramatic change in the education system with the distinctive rise of e-learning and has given a new kind of experience to the students. Digital learning helps to decrease the infection spread by maintaining social distance.  


 Educational apps help to improve student efficiency by making them learn things practically and visually. Now, the industries are focusing on developing educational apps that are on-demand. Before you start to make educational apps, you need to understand what type of mobile learning services are most in-demand.

Interactive Books:

 Interactive books are mainly for young learners including kids and students. They can watch educational images, videos, read inspirational stories or topics, explore their area of interest by playing quizzes, or play brain games on learning apps.

Puzzle- Solving games:

` Puzzle game apps are for different age groups of students to make them smarter. It helps to improve memory, vocabulary, spelling, and many other essential things in a way of fun.


  Worksheets are especially for the students to practice homework like formula, macros, etc. It could also be projected on the whiteboard during the class study.

Classroom Apps:

 This type of app is designed for all the students who use it to learn new things during the class session.

 In fact, there are several other apps such as courseware, assessment software, reference software. Students, kids, parents, and teachers can use it conveniently for their benefits.


 High quality and informative content is the first thing you must keep in mind before starting your educational app. Here are some basic ideas I want to share with you to enrich your app.

Educational app ideas: Coming up with the foremost ideas is extremely half the success. 

Market Research:-  It plays a vital role to gather information about target marketers or users. 

Testing app ideas:- Test your idea among the target audience and use their tips is adequate research to develop an educational app. 

Hiring Educational app developers:-

   This is a crucial stage which should include the following steps:

  •   Prototyping
  •   UI/UX design
  •   Development stage
  •   Testing
  •   Release assistance.


  •  Virtual Reality (VR) -To get the right feeling of the subject.
  •  Augmented Reality( AR)- To engage all of our senses
  •  Classroom Gamification – Bring a fun quotient to learning and teaching
  •  Artificial Intelligence To reinforce the learning capacity.
  •  Blockchain Technology- To analyze the result and reshape the behavior of students.

Educational App Features:

Simple and effective apps help to maximize user experience. When developing an educational app, the below features and functionality must be a part of your design. Don’t forget to create something new and innovative with these features.

  • Social Media Integration 
  • User Profile
  • Effective Database
  • Easy User Authentication
  • Learning Materials or interactive exercises, audios, and videos.
  • Offline mode working
  • Cloud Integration
  • Planning of Scheduling system 
  • Push Notification
  • Search System
  • Surveys, Reviews, Feedback and Tests
  • Lesson Categorization
  • Leaderboards
  • Live Streams
  • In-app integration with friends
  • Achievements. 

Popular education apps in the market:

 First, you need to study the market and find out what could be done better or ensure that your new idea wasn’t applied in some app already. Here we listed some apps that support both android and iOS platforms for your reference.


It offers a video-based lecture to the users. Even public speaking lectures are available. A lot of free courses are there as well as the most complex that must be purchased.


 It is one of the popular and well-known educational apps. Over 1000 different classes of different categories are there. This course includes lectures, tests, assignments, videos, and so on. It can be useful for different age groups of people.   


This app is for high school students’ purpose for solving math. It provides a photo way of solving rather than writing a problem.


Online lectures, tests, quizzes, and personal schedules are presented in this app. Even a certificate also provided.

 Periodic Table: 

This educational software is an immersive periodic table containing everything from various levels of data to meet the needs of every user and playlist lives to help you learn about each and every item.


It helps to meet the easy learning process. Once you’ve finished the quiz, you can accept the result and try to beat your high score. In addition, students rate the flashcards decks and tests so that they can access the most common flashcards in just a few taps.

Tips to improve your educational apps:

You should keep improving the functionality of the app. Through this, you can make a significant profit out of it. During the educational app development, you need to keep check with the crucial things I mentioned below,

  • Real teaching methods must be used.
  •  Adding game elements to make it entertaining
  • Must have a User-friendly interface 
  • Providing clear, short, useful, and rewarded lessons.
  • Give bright graphics and interesting sounds
  • Should be compatible with different devices


 When you include all the required and proven facts and features in your educational development app, you can successfully launch it in the market. And make sure that you use the right tools and technology to get started with your educational app development services.

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