Education is an important thing in every person’s life even for intelligent people. Education is a basic thing that society looks for. We never wise a person who’s illiterate. From our childhood, we know the value of being educated so the scope for education never ends. If you have any idea to start your business in the education field then that’s one of the best decisions you have been taking in your life. Educational apps not only for conducting classes through video tutorials it’s all about making a person learn, submitting assignments, analysis, and announcing results. There are different features built into educational mobile apps. You can choose your features based on your needs. 

Educational App Dev Ideas

What are the domains an education should have?

There are two main domains every mobile app should have.

  • Teacher
  • Students

Teacher’s App

In the teacher’s login, one can post the tutorial video, conducting live stream classes, providing assessments, taking attendance, and can easily analyze the student reports. The below-mentioned features are there in the teacher’s app


One can simply log in by connecting their social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter when compared to typing the email and password it’s so easy.

During signup like the same one has to register with their social networking accounts that save their time by entering the details that have already existed in other accounts.

User Profile

In this module, the teacher can easily check their details, their class student’s details, the work progress, the task scheduled to the students, the tutorial that has been posted, and the student report analysis. It can be checked within a short period of time.

Course Materials

The materials should be owned or collected from the reputed institution or online classes. So that the students find worthy to live through your app. The materials are in the form of

  • Theory
  • Assessment to get interactive
  • Video/Audio lessons
  • Live stream classes
  • Case Study classes 
  • Discussion
  • Queries


The teacher can choose their time to teach based on their convenience and by the way the student can schedule their time to learn.  For long-lasting mobile application usage, you should provide a variety of courses to the students who are eager to learn.


When a student completes the assignment it notifies the teacher and what the works that had been done by the students were reported and notification is pushed in their notification bar and also in the app for ease of checking. 

At the same time in the student app what are the works that have been updated by the teacher is being notified to the students not to miss any session or work. 

Report and Analysis

The analysis is an art and every teacher has a deep role in it. The teacher can easily analyze the student’s performance based on their assessments, reviews, and discussion. The class report and the single student report can be analyzed easily by the teachers. 

Student App

The student app is not only for students and for the learners who like to know more about the Technologies and have the thirst for learning. 

Learners App Should Have The Following Qualities

Learn Specific Subject

Based on the interest of the subject one can learn their specific subject through education mobile application but in schools, it’s not actually the same. In there like Google classroom every subject has, it’s own I’d and the teachers can post their subject with that id. 

Kids Development

For kindergarten children learning theories are useless. They need interactive sessions like gaming and drawing. Educational apps should feature games like this feature not only used to upgrade the kids but also the students during the boring lectures.

Reference Material

The reference materials based on the subject should be added with the course and the tutorial videos with other reputed organization materials should be attached to the course. This helps the students to learn more about a subject.


The student should do the assessments before the due date else the link will be closed. The students are provided by some task assigned by the teachers. Based on that submission the teachers will provide the marks to the students. It creates punctuality for the students.

Things To Be Considered Before Developing An Educational App

  1. Gamification
  2. Augmented reality and virtual reality
  3. Localization
  4. Visual and sounds


The student or the learner should be awarded based on the task that has been done by them. And the achievements should be displayed clearly to all the people who are in the classes or enrolled in the courses.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the most trending topics nowadays and it’s expensive to implement but it adds an additional advantage for your educational mobile application.


It’s actually best to develop a mobile app based on the purpose else there will be a great loss your business will suffer. Workout your idea by considering your local organizations and the location at first before bringing your app all over the world. Invest in a single area.

Visual And Sounds

It is recommended to post quality images, powerful videos with audible voices that help the students to get more attention towards their learnings.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Educational Mobile App?

When it comes to educational apps there are many integrations added to it. For the interactive sessions, quizzes are added and video tutorials are included for the learning session. Even some educational mobile applications are embedded with augmented reality and virtual reality.

 The core Development team for an educational app involves

  • Project manager 1
  • Quality Assurance Engineer 1
  • UI/UX designer 1
  • Android Developers 1-2 
  • IOS Developers 1-2 
  • Sound Engineer 1

One educational app development company cannot estimate a fixed amount for the development and it varies based on the features, quality, and third-party integration.

But the minimum cost of developing an educational mobile application is $48,000.


Developing mobile applications for educational purposes is an evergreen idea. Workout your idea with the best app development company.

The cost of the educational mobile app is purely based only on the type of app, the features that have to be added,s and the quality. 

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