How to build an On-demand Uber Clone App

The Rise of Uber Business

Uber is present in 650 cities and with more than 50000 services are provided by the uber in the world. It is a real-time ride-hailing application this is a very strong reason for uber’s success. After booking a ride we can see the cab available at the correct time and at the correct place. The transportation conditions are time, cost, and comfort of the ride

Uber Clone App

There are a lot of solutions available for creating an uber clone app, those are easy to customize and easily available in the app market.

There are many uber clone scripts but the creator must understand the philosophy and methodology for creating a real-time ride-hailing app.

Aspects to note

There are some important aspects of starting a business like uber that follow outside the scope of technology. The aspects are

• Scope of developing the applications?
• Who are the competitors and the problems they faced?
• Your unique selling point, strength, weakness, and when it comes to your application?
• The platform to develop your application? Native Application? or cross-platform?
• These aspects are important for offering price for the cab users and ensure pricing transparently.

Two entities are there by using this real-time taxi-hailing application we are going to solve the following problems that are,

The users who want cab on an urgent but they were failed to get that.

Similarly, drivers who Waiting for the users eagerly they also failed to get the ride.

Technologies to build an app like Uber

To build an app like uber the creator must know about the technologies to work with the app more efficiently.

To create a well-functional taxi app three main jumbos are server, mapping and payment integrations.


To process and handle various and many user’s requests, routes, driver routes, and other data, approach a web hosting partner and get a dedicated server to run the operations smoothly.

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The uber uses OpenStreetMap API, it is applicable for both iOS and Android. GPS is used for location and tracking facility. Some developers use Google Maps and Google location service API for android applications, and core location framework for iOS devices.

In-payment Integration

Use payment gateways like Google Pay, Paytm, PayPal mobile SDK to support all types of in-payment integration. Uber uses Braintree.

Business Model of Uber

Three main elements are there to comprise the uber business model. To create an app like uber the creator must ensure these three elements.


Uber provides separate apps to drivers to manage their operations. So users have to be careful while selecting drivers. Appointing drivers is not an easy task you need to verify their background. You want to check the driver’s both personal and vehicle information. In uber, they follow these conditions strictly to avoid future consequences.


Uber provides a separate app for booking rides and locates the driver’s location. Users can easily download the app from Google play store and register their details to get started with the app. For user’s satisfaction uber shows the driver’s details, picture, phone number along with the estimated fare to be paid. To create an uber clone app the creator must follow these features like uber.


Uber follows an integrated Braintree payment gateway to handle all types of payments. While developing an app like uber the creator must ensure the integrated payment gateway that supports both cash and credit.


Uber has many features for user’s satisfaction which involve fare calculation, saved location, real-time ride status, payments, cab location tracking, it allows others to follow ride in real-time, review and rating for the driver.

Fare Calculation

The fare calculator is used to help the customer to calculate the fare of the ride based on their destination and time of the ride.

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Saved Location

This feature helps users to save them everyday pick-up and dropping location for quick and efficient progress.

Realtime Ride Status

In this feature, a user can watch their riding status lively. A user can share their location status with another Person for security purposes.


An efficient riding app should have the best payment methods that accept the payment transactions from any apps like Google Pay, Phonepe, Paytm and net banking.

Cab Location Tracking

In this feature, a user can track a booked cab and know where it is and also they can know which route the driver takes to come to a pick-up location.

Allow other people can follow the ride

This feature is very useful for old people or people who don’t know about riding apps and women’s safety. In this feature, an uber customer can book a ride for another person and can watch their riding status from sitting at home and anywhere else.

Review and Rating for Driver

A user can rate and write a review of the driver based on their behavior, time, appearance. The ratings and reviews may be positive or negative.

Cost Estimation to develop an Uber Clone App

The uber has two separate apps for both drivers and users, to manage the operations smoothly. The cost will be estimated based on,

• Design
• App Development(both native and ios)
• Backend Development
• Web development
• Project management

These are the aspects to create a clone app like uber. To create an app the creators should follow the above aspects, features, technologies, cost estimation. If your looking for Taxi app development company then feel free to contact us to get a free consultation.

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