Taxi app like Uber

Why Uber?

Uber is one of the tech companies that valued $70 billion over the world. It is an outstanding application that brings a huge revolution in the taxi industry. The uber like Taxi booking app is very useful for people all over the world. When a user book a cab, the cab arrives within the minimum amount of time and reaches the destination as early as possible. This is just the front-end of the application. The back-end infrastructure is quite complex involving thousands of services and terabytes of data for each and every ride on the platform.

A detailed flow of uber like taxi booking app development is listed below,


The first and foremost thing for developing a mobile app like uber is planning. Planning is fully based on customer requirements. The planning approaches involve

1. Dive into the industry with an ancient approach
2. Create a sustainable model for both customer and service providers.
3. Meet Customer needs.
4. Retain your customers.

These are the normal planning approaches; uber varies in these approaches that are the uniqueness of Uber.

• Features and Technology needed most
• How to execute that quality in an app
• Developing a great back-end
• Choosing the marketing tech stack

Business Model

Passenger – The passenger can download the app from the play store and register their details. When the registered user needs to book a ride they can easily log in to the app and then enter the pickup and destination location and also they can choose what mode of the vehicle the passenger need. This service is very useful for the customer.

Fare and Payment – The fare gets calculated based on the rate per minute, the rate per miles, type of vehicle and the destination chosen. The payment is more secured in uber since only credit card payments are accepted.

Dividing the profit – The specialty of uber is employment management. Uber provides 80% of its fare to the driver and 20% to the uber. It is estimated that the Uber has to lower its profit in some cities by diving less percentage of fare to it.

Salient Features of Uber

Here some of the special features of uber. Whenever a developer ready to build an app he/she must know these features.
When a rider books for a ride,

• The driver has the option to choose to accept the ride or to decline it.
• If the driver accepts the request, the details of the cab and the driver sent to the passenger
• Also, the live location and time to reach the passenger are viewed in the interface.
• The rider and the driver can also call each other for rather pieces of information.
• The payment mode is simple.
• The passenger can rate the ride and services offered by uber.
• The passenger also has the right to report the services.


1. When a user registers their details in uber, the app secured the data given by the user and stored it in the database.

2. For requesting a cab the GPS location pin up the pickup location of the customer and sent a notification to nearby cab drivers. The distance, ETA can be returned through Google Maps API.

3. When the driver accepts the request of the rider, the app pushes a notification to the customer mobile through third party providers. It also needs SSL connection which is the hardest part of the implementation.

4. For secure payments via application uber provide SDKs for both iOS and Android. SDK permits refund, payments, and invoices.

Uber is perfectly made by implementing three mobile applications into it.

1. Admin app
2. Passenger app
3. Driver app

1. Admin App

Admin app control, manage and monitor the database, servers, passenger app and also the driver app.

Features of Passenger App 

• Live Location – After booking the ride, the location of the driver is viewed in the Uber app of the customer. This helps the customer to know how far the driver is from the location.

• Fare Estimation – Before booking the fare of the ride gets calculated while entering the pickup and drop location, the cab that has been booked. This helps the passenger to decide to book a cab or not.

• Track Service History – Uber also helps the user to track their location and the history of the journey. With this, the passenger can get complete information about his/her traveling period and the places where they traveled.

• Payments – Payments can be done in multiple ways via credit card, cash, debit card, mobile wallets, etc. This makes a friendly taxi-hilling ecosystem.

• Book Now Ride Later – It is the most important and unique feature of uber. In uber one can book their ride before the actual time of the ride. After scheduling the customer gets the confirmation notification. After confirmation, the details of the cab and the driver sent to the customer before one hour.

• Book for others – Similarly one can easily book for their relatives or family using their account. After booking the details were sent to the rider.

Features Of Driver App

• Delivery Driver Report – Uber sends the report to the driver daily, weekly and monthly which contains the driving style and speed rate of the driver. If the rash driving occurs Uber terminates the driver from the service.

• Route Optimization – Route optimization helps the driver to reach the destination as early as possible. Using the Uber taxi app the driver can leverage the route optimization, reroute the entire journey and can navigate an effective way.

• Driver Destination – Driver can select their destination to take the ride for his/her own. This helps the drivers to earn money when they are free-roaming. This is one of the exceptional features of Uber.

• Quest Earning – It is one of the advanced features of the Uber app. In this the driver has to fix the target, if he achieved the target in the given time he can earn extra money.

• Cancellation Feature – When a driver waits for the rider for a long time the driver has the ability to cancel the ride. Since the application is designed in such a way that when a driver reaches the location on the time. The first two minutes are non-chargeable after that the waiting charge of the driver is added.

These are the features that are involved in developing an app like Uber. Having an idea for developing an app like Uber? Reach Smarther a leading taxi booking app development company delivering uber like app solutions.

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