Nowadays the worldwide demand is on-demand taxi services and some of the IT industry takes advantage of this market requirement by approaching high-end expertise for building a Taxi booking mobile app.

We will provide the best on-demand taxi booking app for the next generation to develop your business globally with the highly featured application. With our expert team, we can build the best taxi app with innovative and attractive features such as GPS navigation, live location tracking, sending notifications and also a third-party gateway.

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Apart from that, The technologies that are needed to build a taxi booking app is discussed in this blog.

Taxi App Development Technologies


In the traditional taxi system, one has to wait for a while to get a taxi. Not every traditional taxi is safe and secured. People have to worry about whether the driver is going on a correct path or not, is this travel is safe or not and so on. A mobile app can easily solve this problem

Location Services are the fundamental features in a taxi booking app. With the help of a mobile number when the customer opens the app it can easily track your location within a second and share the location as the pickup point to nearby drivers. When the driver is ready, the app shares the live location of the driver, the cab and the driver details and also an OTP (One Time Password). It helps the customer to stay cool even the app is not open, the app can track your location till the correct destination.

Build-in Maps and Traffic

Maps are the main source to track one location. Tracking the map of the customer, the app can able to inform the driver for a particular ride. Maps help the driver for navigation, to see the traffic in the way. It can also locate the kilometers to reach the destination. Showing traffic details helps the customer to remain calm without any tensions. These technological features are failed in traditional taxi systems.

There are so many sources to track the location still Google map act as the main source. Google maps are more compatible with both Apple and Android platforms. Google maps easily connect the network all over the world. If you are a start-up businessman Google Maps is the best source for tracking the location.

How a Google map works: Google map is a web servicing technology that gives the real-time location, updates traffic through the satellite it sends the location as a flattened representation to the server where it is converted into text format for reading using Google GSMGeocoder Service.


An on-demand service always sends a notification through the Push Text Notification system and through SMS.

Push Text Notification: The push text notification will only work when the rider or the driver is online. It pushes the notification like:
The rider sends the request.

• The driver accepts or declines the ride.
• The driver accepts the request.
• The rider cancels the request.
• Fare Updated.
• Surge Prices.

The notification pusher varies for different platform Apple provides Apple Push Notification Service and Android provides Google Cloud Messaging to push notification.

SMS Notification: It sends the OTP (One Time password) to the customer through SMS. By entering the OTP of the customer the driver can start the ride else it leads to the driver’s mistake. Even in offline mode the SMS services work.

Price Calculation

The fare calculation has to be calculated based on four strategies. They are
Base fare- It depends upon the location and the rate of Cab Company.

• Cost Per Minute- It calculates the value per minute.
• Cost Per Mile- It calculates the rate per mile.
• Booking Fee- It involves the operational cost.

When a customer provides the pickup location and destination, the app calculates the fare based on the above-mentioned strategies. The miles are calculated using GPS and other fares are calculated by the company. Before submitting the confirmation of the ride, the rider gets the details of the payment.


In on-demand services, the payment can be done in both online and offline that is a rider can choose the payment mode on his/her own. There are two types of payment modes they are cash payment and credit payment. These automated payment systems feel like payment with fewer payments since your hands no need to reach your pocket. If you are ready to pay with cash make sure that your decision should not be changed before the cab arrives. The payment gateway is one of the most important features in this digital world for a mobile app.


The on-demand services are more reliable than traditional taxi systems. This can be achieved by providing the information about both the driver and rider, both before and during the ride.

The rating of a customer can increase the sense of control and security for both the customer and the driver. The high rating of a customer makes the driver feel so respectful. A high rating cannot obtain easily. It is based on driver service, company services, providing correct details, the loyalty of drivers, the comfort zone of the customer and so on.

Technologies are growing rapidly and the innovations in the technologies are making people’s lives easier. Smarther a leading taxi booking app development company is here to make your taxi business to the next level through mobile apps. Reach us to get your taxi booking app done with the hands of passionate developers.

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