Uber is based on mobile application technology, car transportation, delivery, and logistics. It can capture the great limo experience and transform into an on-demand service that fits a well organized and modern lifestyle. ‘uber for logistics’ app is load matching technology by itself.

To create own logistics app to be successful the key to developing a victorious even though we cannot have own navy force. Logistics can be mainly performed in two ways, one is movers of shipper and load carriers. For the benefits of logistics operators as online buying marketplace and carriers from load matching.

How to create Uber for Logistics

Functionality of Logistics

To optimize the on-demand logistics industry, this application contains more solution for further requires drivers ability

• First, allow the drivers to receive notification and identify the place for delivery requests and getting paid
• Seeing a waiting list with package requests in the specific area, as well as see the customer’s contact details and location part
• Specifying the accurate package details with a type of loads, package and locations
• Allow drivers and customer to receive the delivery works and paid details
• Finally, check out the routing of maps for delivery

Tracking Methods

There are so many methods for a company using tracking inventory from simple methods, it is important to manage and track them efficiently. Locating the position is important for knowing the status and routing path. It can be classified as four strategies,

Real-time Location Tracking

The real-time tracking has always found its appeal the problem has to find the technology and delivery details. The real-time tracking opposed to automated tracking when you can update data at any time. It can reply as quickly in a real-time process.

Packing Schedule Management

Plan ahead for recurring delivery needs with a scheduled time. It can be very useful for time management. It can be mainly used for shipping carrier hands.

Uber Application and it’s Moving Style

Uber application can mainly collaborate with drivers and delivery partners around the world. This application can always be available so you are ready to ride and deliver. If you confirm the trip, see price estimates and compare costs to find the right ride every time.

Asset and Tracking Management

Asset tracking refers to a method of physical assets either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or using a tag. It can be assigned a unique identification number to each item you need to keep track of instantly able to track the movement of those items as changing hands a benefit income. Managing and locating assets is key for almost any business containing large or small.

Companies are realizing that knowing an asset value over its life cycle helps companies of all sizes save money spent per asset and they will actually get the most value out of each asset. The companies can become more efficient and bottom to line creations for more logs and views.

Uber Freight

Uber is common for shippers and carriers to move the freight industry. It has launched a freight for safe riding, we are building an on-demand logistics network to solve industries huge problems. It is a free carrier for a driver and shipper, also wanted to offer transportation pricing tag, quick payment, and best customer service.

We want to deliver a true booking experience for carriers and drivers. The uber freight also allows pickup trucks (four vehicles) for passengers. A crew cab truck with four full-sized doors and two rows of seats available. Freight will bring more momentum to the market regarding the standard freight business. It can be offered by digital freight forwarders at both carrier and customer levels.

Uber Advantages

• Safety for drivers working
• More flexible
• Least pricing


The logistics application development is a niche field for a relatively new market prime for investment, these mobile apps make transportation and delivery services. It can be easier by simple cost and improving sales; you don’t have a huge amount for this expense and get free conversation.

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