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On completing a successful mobile app by a developer after days and nights of hard work, Now is the time to market and monetize your app and taking your business a notch higher. The success of any mobile app as calculates depending on total number of users who downloaded the particular app. So Marketing is the most important aspect behind every successful app.

Generating new downloads for your app will be harder to get, because without and existing download count and reviews, its difficult to acquire organic download for an app from store. THe first 10000 download will play key factor for your app, the faster you reach the milestone with help to climb up in trend list. Which also leads to produce organic downloads from app store search.

Here are some of the steps you can take to accelerate your early growth.

Free App Download 

With exist of million apps in store, most of the user will look forward to download it for free. It’s hard enough just to get noticed by consumers, much less convincing someone to actually pay money. Pay download always a hurdle for user acquisition, So if possible, don’t make anyone pay up front. So free download option will be first choice for any user.


Your website will serve as an important “home base” online. Your marketing can focus on creating curiosity and directing people to the site, where the app will be explained and showed off, followed by a link to the app store where it can be found. Do note that 30% of web browsing is done on mobile, and given that you are marketing a mobile app, it’s safe to say this is your target audience—so make sure your website is responsive.

Search Engine Optimization 

Speaking of search, an important aspect of the website will be Search Engine Optimization, so that you can generate organic traffic and ensure that users around the web can find your product. SEO is a pretty technical task, involving things like server optimization, indexing, web page markup, keywords and more.

Social Media 

Get on social media. Simply having pages, making posts, and interacting with people a bit can really help spread awareness about the app. You can also use social media more actively to hunt down and reach out to groups or users who might be in the target demographic, or who might make good brand ambassadors for the product.

Some other medium which help to drive more downloads for app: 

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Blog/Articles with attractive headlines

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