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7 Tips to Create Awesome Mobile App Designs: Mobile apps are worth 41.1 billion dollars worldwide; Google Play alone has 1.6 million apps (the App Store trails at 340K). As of 2016, there have been over 224,801 billion downloads – a number expected to almost reach 269 billion by 2017. Mobile apps have come to dominate the world, especially the world of business. Diverse businesses from healthcare to restaurants stand to gain a lot from a clever mobile app. But custom apps for business are often designed with different intentions:

• Streamlining workflows
• Improving efficiencies
• Reducing human error
• Analyzing and reporting on Big Data; and
• Increasing growth and improving scalability.

1. The way design is approached is important. As Mobile app design and development company, we believe wholeheartedly that the best approach is User-Centered Design (UCD). Design theory has stated for years (long before mobile apps) that the best way to make a successful project is to study how an actual user will use your service.

2. Responsive Design is important. The blogosphere hounds on this constantly, but with good reason. Responsive design for apps is basically the same as it is for web development; i.e. using CSS, Media Queries and other coding techniques to create an app that responds to a user’s device.

3. Wireframing and Prototyping are essential to good design. It allows design to clearly estsblish the flow of all app screens to be used, while simultaneously providing valuable research as to how users may interact with each screen.

4. Iterative testing of a design is necessary. When designing an app, our experts begin testing an app at the wireframe stage and continues well past launch. Testing beyond launch is an important step to improve the app’s UX/UI with updates based off data from many users.

5. Work within known systems, using known and native features. Design is about showing a user something new but not completely new. Good design fits within a user’s established habits and flows from screen to screen in a manner that fits in with how people navigate apps.

6. Accessibility is vital to keeping users engaged. But to what does accessibility really refer? It means several things, from content length, to font size, to button width & placement.

7. Hire a good app design company! SDI has been doing this successfully for years. We designed apps for schools that focus on design, including Blush School of Makeup and Bloom Floristry College.

App Design takes a lot – it intertwines throughout the the lifecycle of an app and works hand in hand with actual programming. It takes a skilled UI Specialist working alongside a team of brilliant coders to make a design that is both striking and useful.

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