What are the Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends in 2016: Marketing is the best way to reach out your customer and mobile marketing always change for seasons. Here are some of the strategy and trends of mobile marketing in the year 2016. You will find no word other than ‘stunning’ to define the growth of custom mobile application development these days. The number of on-line searches, people engage in through smart phones is considerably increasing. Just look into the data of searches made by using mobile phones and desktop these days. Your eyes will definitely fall into a strikingly big gap which narrates the whole story. This trend compelled entrepreneurs to shift their focus on intensifying mobile marketing.

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Mobile marketing can be done in many ways, and there are plenty of techniques to follow. It ranges from the popping of mobile advertisements to video promotions. In this article, we can consider some of the emerging mobile marketing trends for 2016.

Video Promotions

Organizations would have been thought of doing video advertisements through smart phone devices till now, for, to implement this every company needs good screen resolutions coupled with faster internet streaming options. Thanks to the growth of mobile phone technologies for making both these vital concepts possible.

Now users can find a good number of smart phone devices that support HD videos, and even have 2K as well as 4k screen resolutions. This adds confidence of organisations to create good video advertisements having HD quality to promote their ideas with the aid of mobile phones. It increases the scope of reaching more customers, as well.

App Install Ads

App install Ad is one of the finest of ways to reach a specific set of customers. You might have seen the sponsored advertisement while opening certain famous mobile applications. Applications of famous e-commerce companies come with advertisements of important products, at times third party products also.

Here the advertisements are set inside the applications. Customers who use famous application for entertainment as well as for other purposes can find a good number of app install ads these days.

Interactive Advertisements

Interactive advertisements always gain a lot of attention, but implementing it on a mobile platform is a difficult task. Mobile devices have many limitations considering their screen resolutions, but now with the aid of refined technologies developers have made the functioning of interactive advertisements possible on the smart phone devices too.

Native Advertising

The only aim of advertisements is to push the product to its maximum was a traditional idea. As per the current trends we can find plenty of advertisements that are intended to offer an idea to the reader/ user about the products. It can be in any forms such as blogs, articles so on.

The use of native languages, coupled with the clubbing of cultural values of a particular region has earned good traffic to the websites of organizations. It seems the flame which native advertising has lit up in the field of advertising is not going to blow off so soon.

Behavioural Data Advertising

Nowadays, organisations are interested in providing customers according to their needs on the first hand. For implementing this, analysis of the behavioural nature of customers becomes important. Many ways of tracking the search habits of customers are possible in the present time.

If organizations can analyse the behaviour of customers properly, then can surely go for a better campaign, and behavioural data advertising enables the organisations to perform this activity well. Most of the custom mobile application development services give so much of importance to the behaviour of customers over the internet these days. (Source – mobiletechnologiesnews)

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