App Store Optimization (ASO) , the method which is used to improving the visibility of a mobile app such as an Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows Phone app in an app store such as iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry. For an app publisher, it’s extremely important to be familiar in app store optimization, or ASO for short. According to the latest survey, the total apps downloaded on Google play store is far more than an Apple App store. Which Google Play has 1.3 million apps and for Apple, iTunes comes in second with 1.2 million apps.


Google Android: 58%
Apple iOS: 33%
Microsoft Windows Phone: 4%
BlackBerry: 3%

Difference Between Apple & Google App Store Optimization

Here is some of the App Store Optimization (ASO) differences between Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

#1 Title

Apple App Store – App title should be short and make sure it describes your app clearly, the maximum title text recommended up to 25 characters. The need for shortened app titles because Apple devices are available in different screen sizes, so having short titles will ensure that searchers are able to read the full title.

Google Play Store – Limit it to 30 characters and the rest of the story remains the same.

#2 Keywords

Apple App Store – In App Store Optimization, the huge difference between these two stores when it comes to keywords. Apple app store allows a seperate space called Keywords Field to submit a list of keywords for specific app. The keyword density for an app has been limited upto 100 characters max.

Google App Store – Whereas no specific keyword field exists in the Google Play Store. According to Google’s algorithm, The keywords is picked from description of an app. If you want to top in google app store, use relavent keywords in app description. Can use repeat keywords, but not more than 5 times.

#3 Description

Apple App Store – Content is the key for an app, and there’s no limit for iOS apps however on keeping limited description help to optimize in search. The description should be clear and recommended to include phrase of title and keyword of an app.

Google App Store – Descriptions hardly play a role in ASO, but in SEO it definitely helps. Google play store allows maximum upto 4000 characters for description of application.-

#4 Screenshots

Apple App Store – Screenshot images used for capturing users’ attention immediately. Including misleading images could lead to app dismissal. Apple App store allows to upload maximum 5 screenshot for an app.

Google App Store – You can include up to 8 screen shots. Rest of things remain the same.

#5 Video

Apple App Store – Similar to screenshot, Video of an app used to describe or promote the application in app store. In Apple App store we can include 15-30 sec long App previews with it.

Google App Store – Between 30 sec to 2 minutes video can be uploaded in Google App store.

Final Words – Both Apple App store and Google play store maintaining their own criteria for ASO processes. Since, there may be several similarities between both platforms, the stores app marketer need to follow independent strategies to organic app downloads.

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