Android App Review Sites for Developers: Android App Review (Mobile Application) sites are the best practice to submit the app online for promotion and its n easy marketing strategy. After creating a mobile app, the developers needs to reach it out for end customers. So its important to market your application in various platforms and medium. Online marketing is only only prominent for Ecommerce product sale, it’s play huge role in mobile application promotion. Here are some of the Best Android App Review Sites for Developers.

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Apart from social media marketing, Developers should concentrate on available ways to reach out their users. Mobile Application review sites are most popular nowadays to promoting new application in market, with millions of android apps which installing in Google Play everyday its really tough to optimize new app. So increasing more users android developers should use the other alternative ways of promotion. Android App Review Sites help to post reviews about the developed mobile app, which help to improve the users.


AndroidTapp offers the latest news and updates on apps, app recommendations and even interviews with mobile app developers. This Website gives you the best platform to showcase your app developing skills.


This review site for Android apps provides readers with a catalog-style database, which lets them browse and search apps by category. It also contains a “Latest Reviews” tab, which features the most recent app reviews.


AndroidLib is yet another top Android app review resource, which features the latest apps in the market, letting users insert brief reviews on the key functions of your app, also including screenshots of the same.


This neatly laid-out, blog-style database site lets users browse and search apps by category, also giving long and detailed descriptions and app recommendations.


AppsZoom, previously called AndroidZoom, is a catalog-based app review site, which enables users to search, browse and rate apps, also giving a brief description about them. Users can also insert screenshots of the same, along with discussing pricing information and such.

In Conclusion: You can find out thousands of online review website for mobile apps. Here we listed above some of the prominent android app review sites which help for developers. Check out other marketing stategy for improve users.

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