Uber for Tutoring is a research and growing platform for e-learning beginners. Private training centers, companies, and educational beginners who plan to invest in educational training development should quickly look at these three subjects from Snapask, Snapask is a training class based in Hong Kong. It has raised 20 million dollars.

The growth of educational applications worldwide has increased. Why?

The education sector is entering a new phase of mobile learning applications. There are many questions or lectures that the student may or may not have in mind in class. Due to population growth and educational awareness, the ratio of students to teachers has increased. It has also increased the burden on tutors. To overcome these challenges, an Uber tutorial or homework application may be the appropriate solution. This is why the growth of educational applications worldwide has increased. 

A good example of this is the Hong Kong-based tutorial application called Snapask which has made a profit of almost $ 20 million.

What is snapask:

We often use the word Snapask in this article. Now let’s find out what snapask is!

  • Snapask was founded by Timothy Yuval in Hong Kong and expanded in 2015 in Taiwan and Singapore.
  • The Uber app helps Uber students connect with mentors and get mutual educational support.
  • Using artificial intelligence technology, the educational application solves questions and problems raised by users within 15 seconds.
  • There are concept-based quizzes in the learning application. More than 1.3 million people across Asia use this e-learning application.
  • The app has 2,50,000 guides in eight countries and has raised over $ 20 million. This tutorial provides services in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and New Zealand.

We will look at the lessons we can learn from this higher education application called Snapask. You can consider these lessons before investing in developing educational applications.

  1. Get the answer to an example:

 The educational application for students should have an optimal approach depending on the student-teacher matching mechanism for faster answers. This app includes a machine-learning algorithm to help students quickly understand the course. A student can take a picture of the problem and connect with a supervisor within 15 seconds, which makes the educational application more convenient and reliable.

As an educational startup, make sure your users do not have to spend time asking for help. To be one of the best learning apps, you need to provide users with instant live chat with their respective teachers. This will enhance your mobile app development and set you apart from other competitors.

  1.  a study using the advanced methods:

Uber for learning applications should have individual guides for each subject. It allows students to instantly preview or review their lessons online with their favorite teachers. Through the Snapask App, students can study through photos, audio, or text messages. The app should be a good mix of experienced guides and technology.

For your snapask like an application, you can add experienced tutors and group discussions, along with the on-site audio-visual system. With this method, a mentor can write on the spot and communicate with students via audio. Thus, it will recreate the effect of students sitting in a classroom.

  1.  Advanced quiz concepts and information retrieval:

An app like Uber for learning should have some impressive quizzes, learning games, and other learning materials that make learning easier. Speaking of Snapask, it uses the questionnaire system developed by IBM in 2016. This upgraded software includes natural language processing, automated reasoning, and knowledge representation. This further sharpened the student’s mind by making the application more relevant.

Also, an educational app can interact very well with educational solutions such as learning games. You may have specific curated study material from well-known tutors to get more attention from learners.

If you have an idea to create an on-demand learning app, there are some features you can add based on snapask.

Consider these  features on your learning app

  • Find my tutor:

through the “Find My tutor” feature you can Find your teacher based on course, hourly rate, their expertise, lesson handling approach, etc. In some cases, they may not need to teach you the lesson but they must answer a specific question. 

The student can compare teachers based on their ratings, critiques, attitude, feedback received, educational background, etc.

  • Profile details:

The profile feature allows students and teachers to learn more about each other. Teachers’ course expertise, availability, reviews, and ratings are available to students. Similarly, the tutor will have a detailed view of the student’s profile and the feedback they have received.

  • Alerts and reminders:

Real-time reminders are ideal for on-demand training use. Alert may be a simple reminder of the next session, the availability of a particular tutor, the answer to the question you posted, the message of the tutor, and others. You can add reminders for classes, payments, schedules, etc. using the app.

  • Payment methods:

The application should allow payment options, which ensures that users can make payments online, using cards or any other method, including cash. The cashless method helps to ensure instant and easy real-time payments. For easy and hassle-free payments, you need to make sure that the application integrates with payment methods.

  • In-app chat:

Connecting students with teachers are important for the proper functioning of the learning application. If the student has a question or wants to solve the query, they can use the in-app chat feature. If they need any support other than queries, the chat in the app will help them get support immediately. This is useful when students ask for an immediate solution.

Wrapping up:

If you have an idea to develop an on-demand learning app contact us. We will help you to identify and verify a great idea and help to create an on-demand application for tutoring. With our experience in the field of education, in-depth understanding of learning applications, and expertise in classifying application solutions that resonate with your business goals, we aim to create a better solution for your business.

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