The on-demand mobile applications play a vital role in everyone’s life and when it comes to the handyman services app, it acts as a bridge between the families who search for the handyman services and the handyman service providers.  People who are looking for handyman service members like plumber, carpenter, house workers, electricians can easily search and find all in one using the single app.  

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A service seeker can easily find the serviceman in a single tap. The seeker has to install a handyman service app and they browse all the available services and book the services for their purpose and send a request to the service provider and if the service member accepts the request and the work will be happened so quickly.  Since we people are running on our track to reach the destination and we don’t have time to do everything by ourselves s, to make this simple the mobile app development companies develop user-friendly mobile applications for every work.   We should be grateful to the mobile app development companies where the high-end developers build user-interactive mobile apps for everyday purposes. 

The handyman app provides benefits for both the service seekers and the service providers.  These on-demand apps make the consumer save their time and for the service providers they got secured and perfect payments.  

If you are looking to develop a handyman mobile application as a product, then develop a user-friendly and high-featured mobile application with the best mobile app development company. Here we are going to look at the step by step guide to building home service app development. 


The usage of mobile apps increases over the past six years and it is expected that in 2020, mobile apps will generate revenue of $189 billion.  With the increase of mobile phones and mobile applications, some apps listed as on-demand mobile applications and handyman service apps are among them. It is expected to witness the growth of 18.91% and reached $1,133.40 billion in 2026. 



  • The service provider can easily create and update their services and contact details.
  • They can easily view the list of requests from the handyman service seekers.
  • The service provider can accept or reject the request based on their availability, if they accept the request they will fix the date and timing for the appointment.
  • The service provider can get the user details
  • Can update the task status to show the occupancy.
  • The app will notify the provides about the service reviews and ratings by the consumer. 
  • Track the order history from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Able to manage service status.
  • The service provider can easily track the location via the map which is implemented in the app while developing.
  • If the service provider accepts the request of the seekers, the details of the seekers will be displayed. 
  • The payment history can be viewed in the provider app. 


  • Easy login or signup with mobile number or social media accounts.
  • Can able to view the maximum number of handyman service providers.
  • Can able to book the certified and professional service provider based on specification. 
  • The seeker can view the handyman status and stats to analyze their experience.
  • A long handyman listing and can choose the perfect one for their purpose. ‘
  • Easily schedule and appoint booking with their favorite handyman service provider. 
  • One can track the handyman location for reaching their home in a short period.
  • One can able to chat with the provider instantly when they booked the service provider for a day.
  • Real-time handyman status will be notified to the seekers.
  • Multiple and easy payment modes via credit/debit card, wallet, and even Cash payment is available.
  • Here also the seeker can easily able to view the history of handyman services done via the handyman mobile application.


  • The admin can view the customer and the service provider details and also the work is done by them is displayed on a single dashboard.
  • Can able to access and view the reviews and ratings provided by various consumers for different services. 
  • View and manage the work done by the service provider
  • View and maintain the appointment booking details and the request accepted by the providers.
  • Analyze and report the status for daily, monthly, and yearly to the service provider and that will be listed into the consumer while viewing the profile of the service provider. 
  • The integrated analysis is done to find out the hidden insights
  • Manage the fees, earnings, and commissions.
  • Safe and secured data is stored and maintained in the cloud for security.

These are the features of handyman mobile application and it will be quality developed by the best handyman app development company


Technologies are the back-bone for any mobile application development.  When it comes to the user’s point of view, the consumer consistently uses one application when they felt it is very simple and easy to use but for that designing acts as the head. The android developers provide user-friendly design via XML and Java or Kotlin and the IOS developers provide user-interactive design via Swift and Xcode.  Also nowadays a lot of new technologies were updates and these are implemented in various types of mobile applications. 


There is no specific cost of developing a mobile application for your business. The cost is based on the following criteria.

  • The designer
  • The project manager
  • UI/UX developer
  • The android developer
  • The IOS developer
  • The Quality Assurance Engineer

Also, the cost varies with the technologies used, the features implemented, the latest technologies integrated, and the third-party integrations.


Since we people are living in the busy digital world, people love to access everything with a single click, and handyman services play a vital role. By this one can easily book a service member to rectify their household problems and now these apps are on-demand.  The app developers are working on developing this service app to consume the searching time of the user.  Develop your best handyman mobile application with an Android and IOS mobile app development company in Chennai.

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