The business of delivering foods is increasing and also the trends in the food delivery business are changing nowadays. The food delivery players like UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, and other apps are dominating the market.  The rapid change in the food delivery industry is caused by the increased usage of Smartphones and hi-speed internet all over the world. In the US most people order food on delivery apps only. This increases the revenue for food delivery restaurants. 

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Recent statistics state that currently the global food delivery market is valued at $95billion which is expected to increase by 9.8% in 2026. This will occur because of the below situation

  • Increasing purchasing power.
  • Choices of Multiple Restaurants.
  • Busy schedules that lead to no time to cook.
  • Strong Marketing initiatives by top brands.

When we look at those things, it is clearly proving that there will be a lot of competition in the food delivery industry.  To withstand and stay ahead in competition one must be aware of the trends that will lead to the success of your delivery business. 

The following are the top 7 trends that will change the food delivery business in 2020 and beyond…


  • Modern Delivery Options
  • Millennials Are The Driving Force
  • Innovative Delivery Channels
  • Adopting New Niches
  • Big Data
  • Ordering Via Crypto


Drone: The new idea of delivering food using a drone is trending nowadays. Zomato recently tested its hybrid Drone for food delivery.  The main aim of this idea is to reduce the time limit from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. It is a smart solution to beat traffic and maintaining social distancing.   

Robots: Eat24 in collaboration with Yelp and marble starts a new of delivering food with table-sized robots. The robot has in-build sensors, cameras, and a 3D city map to find out the address of the consumer. After selecting the accurate route, the robot on the wheel avoids bumpers, humans, and other vehicles.

Parachute: Melbourne the first company to have the parachute for food delivery.  At the established time, the customers are instructed to wait at the balcony with the X shape object. After some time a cute miniature parachute will be flying on the sky. 


When compared to other generation, the millennials are crowned as the highest spenders on preparing food and delivering food.  This is the most demographic in the world food delivery business.

Due to the busy schedule, people are ready to order fast delivery foods online via smartphones whenever they are in hunger they just order foods by a single click from their favorite restaurants where they have no time to cook.

Out of 5, 3 millennials are satisfying their hunger by ordering foods.  This is the generation where people spend a lot of money on ordering foods online.  But this creates a great challenge to the restaurants where they have to prepare and deliver foods of those people in the right and modern door delivery methods will tackle that.


Statistics say that In the US nearly 55% of people like to order online systems. The main reason for that is they can easily order via multiple platforms for ordering foods. 

Order Via Tweet

Dominos is the first company to order foods via Twitter. The user has to register their account in dominos and have to authorize their twitter account. They can easily order foods by tweeting at the dominos profile. They can also save their favorite and repeat the order every time via “Easy order”.

Food Order Via SmartWatches

Smart clocks are highly manufacturing nowadays. A stat says that 141 million units of smartwatches are sold in 2018 this leads to developing food ordering apps for both Android and IOS. It was first implemented by Dominos. 

Order Via Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance popularity continues in the food delivery business and Dominos is the leading one here too. On Facebook, dominos released a virtual Assistance called “DOM” to chat and order with their consumers. The DOM shares the menu details and gets the order from the customers.

Order Via Car

To manage the time of the consumers, Pizza hut collaborates with Accenture and Visa to create an online food ordering system for cars. The user can easily order foods from the car while driving to work or home. 

Order Via SmartTv’s

While watching movies people can easily order food via smart Tv’s.  Papa’s Johnny in collaboration with Apple creates a food ordering system on Tv where people can view the full menu on Tv and order foods there. Like the same, Samsung introduced “TakeAway” on their Tv. so that one can easily order foods in their nearby restaurants.


To break the competitor’s new niches are the backbone for a food delivery business.  Many service providers offer healthy and fresh farming food to their consumers. By doing so you can create a great backup plan for your business always keep an eye on new niches.


Information via big data will helps the food delivery business to maintain its consumers. It helps them to give discounts to their potential consumers. With the help of big data, a food delivery business can collect data such as:

  • Impact on food and services
  • Real-time traffic
  • Purchasing history
  • Reviews on Social Media
  • Cart items
  • Comments on Social networks


By the development of blockchain technology ordering via crypto is possible. One can easily order food with cryptocurrency and there is no limit of using the same cryptocurrency. The food ordering and delivery company have to encourage their consumers by allowing them to pay with cryptocurrency and some of the companies like Papa’s Jhonny, allow their customers to pay with cryptocurrency.


To stay ahead in food industry competition it is better to be aware and follow these trends on delivering food to your consumers.

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