As the name suggests handyman service application is always handy. Whether it is a significant problem or a minor issue at house repair we used to call a handyman to rectify that.  To make this process simple handyman service app has been developed where the user can easily search for a service member and book an appointment with them on any day. 

If you are new to this area and want to invest your money in developing a mobile app with the handyman mobile app development company then you have to know about the features and trends. Investing without knowing is not a good thing.  

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Here we are providing a solution for developing an on-demand application like a handyman that helps you to get user engagement and achieve conversion goals. 


Here we mentioned some of the best features of handyman application that should be implemented in your app.

  1. Finding your Service Member
  2. Scheduling The Service
  3. In-app Payment
  4. Track Your Serviceman
  5. In-app Chats
  6. Reviews and Ratings
  7. History And Records


This app allows you to find a handyman who can easily solve the consumer house problems. The key feature of this app is to find the serviceman nearby consumer location.  This feature helps you to find the handyman in the consumer location and build a consumer- serviceman relationship.

Apart from this benefit, the user can easily be viewed as the profile of the handyman where one can find the location, experience, location, and specialization so that you can easily search for the handyman with specific specialization. Also, it shows the reviews and ratings for the serviceman. Furthermore, it shows the estimation cost of repairing the issue and for over-time, the amount will be extended. This feature helps the consumer to choose the right person for their home instantly.


The next key feature of the handyman service app is one can easily schedule the serviceman regarding their choice or can book an appointment with the person suggested by the app based on your search results. When the user fixed with a service member one can easily fix an appointment with them at a particular time.  Due to some issues if the user is unavailable at that moment they can easily cancel the appointment and book it when they are available at there home.  Also, one can easily book an appointment with a book now an option in the handyman app. This feature is very much useful for the end-user during an emergency.


When it comes to handyman apps like uber, the payment should be done with much-integrated payment modes for the safe and secured payment method.  It is the most convenient way for the end-user to pay through the phone wallet, card payments, net banking options to complete the payments while booking an appointment.  Also, one can pay by Cash payments. When the user pays while booking an appointment that will create consumer loyalty with the serviceman and they will trust them easily and they can get a wage for their work.  If the serviceman has not come on a particular day, then the consumer can cancel the appointment and the amount will be refunded to your account if the user had paid via online payment mode. 


Once the booking is confirmed on a particular day the user can able to see the real-time location where the serviceman is traveling. If the serviceman has not come it will refund the consumer amount else the app shows the tracking data of that person and it also shows the estimated time to reach the end-user home. Whereas In the serviceman app it shows the same and the serviceman can easily identify the home with the tracking system without any confusion. With this loop, both of them understand transparency and honesty. 


This feature allows the user to chat in real-time and solve the minor issues in their queries.  They can easily chat with the support team to get answers to their queries.  In case, if the user wants to raise a complaint against the handyman or the user wants to solve some issues or require help in payment or services then this chat box will allow them, consumers, to connect with the support team of the handyman app development company.  Instead of uninstalling the app, one can easily solve the consumer problem with the support team in real-time. To make the user engaging the supporting team should respond immediately to solve the problems. 


Reviews and ratings are the most important thing for any business to improve themself and maintain the customers. The user can easily rate the handyman services in the mobile application. Most of the people like to commit to calling the handyman with their reviews and ratings.  When a person sees the profile of a handyman than can able to find the reviews and rating of the serviceman that helps them to book an appointment with that person to repair their house.


A complete record history on the consumer app is shown. The details include the date when the handyman came for services, the estimated amount, and the payment methods. Like the same in the handyman app, they can view the complete details of wherever they went for services, the date, and the payment details. 


Quality and trust are the two main things for developing any business. Nowadays many companies are offering handyman services to their consumers via mobile application. If you want to stay out of that and grow your business here we provide some ideas…

  1. Conduct a completed background check
  2. Provide extra value to the consumers
  3. Estimated service amount based on the time taken to complete the work, the experience, and the service.
  4. Offer some services for particular services.
  5. Charge for the services
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