Why does Homeschooling have an advantage over Public Schools? Children can study at their own pace, homeschooling provides a very personal learning experience, and it brings families closer together. One reason is that children can learn at their own pace. First, children need to feel safe to learn and retain information. Children who are welcome to learn at their own pace are more secure than a student who feels pressure to follow a specific curriculum. “Homework is based on close supervision, intense personal, happy activity, not on a monotonous model. By customizing the curriculum.

Homeschooling options are considered by parents for reasons such as dissatisfaction with schooling systems, rising crime in schools, rising fee structures in schools, and the belief that their children are not getting much through the traditional education system. Due to the various religious superstitions of the parents. 

Advantages of homeschooling :

Homework is effective because it allows children to be more involved in their lessons.. Since parents have the freedom to teach at any time, children have more time to study and volunteer without stress. One of the most important benefits of homeschooling is that this practice can break down racial, social and economic barriers.. Because homeschooling allows families to come closer together. 

Flexibility :

Do not leave the house in the morning and meet all sorts of schedules, not to mention meetings and other responsibilities. Parents can decide the length of lessons and when to take vacations. Many home-schooled children can enjoy educational breaks with their parents during the holidays during the year. There are plenty of opportunities for field trips, museum visits, and parks. This is exactly what they learned at home at the time.

Child-led learning :

This is the main reason why homeschooling is different from physical school. We all learn so effectively, and it’s so much fun if we can learn about the things we love. You can go at the speed of the child, not at the speed of the child class.

Their special needs are met :

If a child has special needs, they can be named in the school and treated adequately. This is a barrier and often it is a social insult. Children with ADHD may experience all sorts of prejudices and obstacles. If the child learns in homeschooling, their special needs will not be forgotten and they will always be in the first place.

Boost confidence :

If your child is truly struggling with certain subjects and has “unequal skills as a homeschool parent would say, but excels at others, you can structure their learning accordingly, which will help boost their confidence.

Personalized education ;

Every child is unique. Homework, teaching style, and lessons can be tailored to the needs and interests of each child. For example, suppose your child is interested in space. In that case, you can add a lesson on astronomy or if you have trouble understanding the fractions, give him extra time to understand them.

Minimum restrictions related to covid-19 :

The physical restrictions imposed due to covid-19 can be very challenging for children. Homeschooling gives them freedom from masks,sanitizers and other restrictions related to pandemic.

Freedom :

Home school students are not afraid of exams. Instead of competing with others, they are competing with themselves. If you feel that your child is not comfortable with the current curriculum or books, you can change it to suit your children.

Build a strong bond with kids :

Homeschooling allows parents to spend more time with their children and better understand their educational needs. This helps the parent to bond better with the child.

Individual attention and closer family :

In a homeschooling setup, the child gets to spend most of his time with the family that results in a stronger relationship with the family members. So children who study at home feel emotionally safe, very strong and confident, especially teenagers. The parent is also able to give individual attention to the child to understand the child’s learning style to customize the curriculum.

Socialization :

Home school children meet and work with people of all ages when they meet other home schools in the city’s home school groups. Therefore, it is very important for families who want to send their children to home school to mix with all kinds of people from their comfort zone. This will create opportunities for the child to learn skills such as sharing, collaborating, integrating with others, and working as a team.

Wrapping up :

Currently, when exploring homeschooling options around the world, it is important to consider the pros and cons of this education system. You can discuss this with your spouse and especially your children and come to the right conclusion.

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