Nowadays we hear the word E-learning. The term e-learning is known as electronic learning, it also means learning with a digital platform.

E-learning is often referred to as “distance learning” or “online learning” and includes the umbrella word for any learning that takes place remotely, not in the traditional classroom.

Online learning is a digital education. Science has discovered many gadgets for e-learning such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, through which one can study the desired subjects. You can sit in one place and teach the number of students together. The world is shifting from traditional education to digital education.

Both students and teachers gain flexibility in online learning. Getting an education digitally is easy because you have the opportunity to learn from the best teachers of a particular subject. 

Is E-learning more effective than traditional learning?

Many of us are generally aware of traditional teaching where the teacher teaches 30 to 40 students at a time, and no one knows what the students are explaining or not receiving. So traditional learning is not considered more effective than online study.

This is the most powerful thing of learning recently as the world is shifting towards digitalization. Sometimes people discuss e-learning and after that, they start to trust the digital platform.

The debate about digital education needs to be considered because it is time to change our education system. Do you know about classroom learning?

Classroom learning is a traditional learning method in which students come to class and teachers teach 40 to 50 at a time. All the students in the class learn the same thing that is taught by their teachers.

Everyone has different skills in learning and different skills in understanding.

What is traditional learning :

Previously, our traditional teaching in gurukuls (ashrams) was popular in India. Similar systems existed in other countries.

Traditional classroom learning has been followed since ancient times, in which lessons are taught to students in the same traditional way by teachers.

Everyone should be if they want to get an education. If a student does not attend any lecture, they will miss the lessons in that lecture.

Teachers can only teach a certain number of students in a classroom setup. All students should learn the same thing whether it works or not. Some people are not interested in a particular topic, but they should read on.

In this way, the traditional education system is a classroom learning system.

Why is online learning so effective?

Online learning is more effective than traditional learning because it gives students more time to learn. No need to go to a company to attend lectures.

Compared to traditional learning, students can complete courses online at any time within their time frame.

Second, it provides formal education by experts in specific subjects. It takes less time to learn more because experts teach specific topics in less time.

As road accidents happen more often in urban areas people are also thinking about safety. In rural areas, online study applications provide the best option for education and students take advantage of experts to develop their careers. The most important thing is that everyone can learn through eLearning sites.

Students do not need to plan much time to get new courses. They can learn with their own devices anytime, anywhere.

Also, traditional learning is currently more expensive, whereas e-learning is much cheaper than before.

Traditional learning vs online learning :

There are pros and cons to both traditional and online learning companies. One thing is for sure, the demand for online education is increasing. Whereas traditional classrooms have some positive vibes that can be lost in some online learning platforms.

Traditional face-to-face classes provide opportunities for teachers to interact privately with students. When evaluating online classes and traditional classes, it is important to consider your unique learning style and planning needs.

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of these two learning systems. E-learning and traditional learning:

Advantages of online learning :

  • students can learn on their own time.
  • Students can study anywhere in any area without any restrictions.
  • Choosing subjects and topics is easy.
  • Students can communicate with their teachers on social media, emails, SMS, etc.
  • They can benefit from contacting their teachers.
  • Students can study even in dangerous situations such as heavy rain, storms, physical damage to the body, infection, or contagious conditions.
  • This saves a lot of time for students. Get time freedom for other activities.
  • Learn only the essentials and avoid unnecessary topics.
  • It is much cheaper than classroom learning and it is cheaper to learn.
  • No need to travel to the schools or coaching center. Therefore, it protects students from any kind of accident.
  • Teachers earn extra income through online distance teaching.

Advantages of traditional learning :

The benefits of traditional learning include:

  • Students can stay in physical contact with their teachers and mentors so they can ask questions directly and get satisfactory answers.
  • They can develop friendships with their classmates and others.
  • Students can grow their skills and compete with other students.
  • Enjoy different school, college, and university activities.
  • They have practical knowledge of various subjects in a variety of fields. Therefore, they can get better knowledge.
  • Students get their degrees physically and get better career opportunities.

Disadvantages of traditional learning :

  • The traditional learning system was very expensive because teachers could teach a small number of students at once. Students should pay more to their teachers.
  • Students have to travel to educational institutions so they have to pay for travel expenses, and in some cases, they have to pay a hostel fee when they stay in a hostel or pay a guest fee.
  • They need to reach the goal at the right time but they do not get the flexibility at the right time. Otherwise, they would have to attend lectures taken by the teachers, which they would have missed.

Wrapping up :

There is nothing wrong with traditional education. If you want a four-year degree or graduate-level education, you must pursue it.

However, online learning opens up a whole new world of education. Flexibility, object diversity, and the ability to expand your career boundaries are some of the benefits of online learning.

If you are thinking of taking or teaching classes online, we encourage you to give them a try. The Internet can become your favorite new classroom.

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