Video conferencing apps have become  more popular in this pandemic era. As the entire world is facing the challenge of lockdown, this video conferencing has become the boon to make things happen. Due to lockdown, all the workstations remain closed. This kind of video conferencing app like zoom is being forced to change its work style. These are the only options to keep the world moving on with their daily official works. Formal communications become effortless and instant because of these kinds of apps like zoom. 

Zoom app has spotted its success on the market of video conferencing tools with more than 700% of usual installation. This is not an effortless success and this stands as a perfect solution for the need for home-based work and remote connections. This shows a new perspective of workstyle and reduces travels for a considerable quantity. Zoom app proved themselves by their uninterrupted call services with high-security of data transmission.  

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Features to be assured to make video conference app:

There are some set of features to be done to make your app support video conferencing. Some of the most important is,

  • Chatbots for one-to-one conversation: There are many live group chat agents working efficiently as the one-to-one chat service is a challenge to implement. This has to be done effectively.
  • Group chats: Your video app should support group chats to run a team video conferencing. Zoom app has a limit of 1000 members of participation at the same time.
  • Instant Messaging: Chat messages should be present to make the conference meeting more efficient. While presenting the meetings, important points can be sent via messaging that could be more helpful for all the participants in the meetings.
  • File-sharing Option: Sharing files along with messages will complete the purpose of video conferencing optimizely. If file-sharing is needed in a meeting, participants can have the facilities of file transfer in the process without the intervention of accessing email. 
  • Safety concerns: The security of data shared in meetings is the key measure of the efficiency of the app. Any data shared in conferences should not be leaked at any cost.
  • Recordings: The recording option is also one of the most important and required features to be incorporated with the app. 

    Apart from this, some more features are also to be considered in constructing the app like visual filters, screen sharing, etc.

These features could be developed with a team of people associated with the building of the app. That team includes people with various levels of designation. They are,

  • Project Manager who takes care of all conceptual communications.
  • Android and iOS developers are responsible for the development of the app.
  • Database developers take care of the server-side support of the development of the app.
  • UI/UX designers are responsible for the visual and navigation of the app. 
  • Finally, a Quality assurance person ensures the perfection of the app before launching. 
  • After launching the app, a team of marketing professionals takes care of the reach of the app to the world.


Costing for creating an app like Zoom:

To create an app like zoom the cost involved to develop such an app has many elements to be taken into account.

The region where the app is being developed and the team size are the major and direct influenced elements of developing a video conferencing app.

For instance, developing a video conferencing app in a country like India reduces the cost 3-4 times less than a developing in-country like America. Also, a team of efficient freelancers can reduce your cost but there is a risk of sustainability of the team for the entire development and further maintenance. Though maintenance can be possible with some other team, it would be effortless to be taken care of by the same team carried on. 

Is that possible to be launched for free:

If it is a question, then yes will be the answer. There are some apps available to develop on android without coding. These are based on cloud technologies and include main features ( video calls for one-to-one or group calls, etc). This also assures high security and high resolution on conferencing. But monetization is the only motive to build an app so launching an app for free may require some advertisements included in it.


Building a video conferencing app is not an easy deal. This requires several tasks to be handled carefully and effectively. A team of members should be coordinated in the right direction to build such a video conferencing app without any crashes and confusion. Video conferencing apps are a more demanded service nowadays. Smarther is the fastest growing app development company where we have done video conferencing apps on both android and iOS platforms. We develop video conferencing apps with personalised customization. Clients can get the exact features that they haven given in the requirements list. Our apps got an excellent reviews and rarings form the users and we can develop these kind of apps in a short span of time. This becomes a milesotne for our growth to reach more and more clients.

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