Smarther is a website and mobile app development company where we  deliver innovative and dynamic solutions for all of your web and mobile application needs. We convert your business ideas to business solutions. We started our journey with a small team and now we are a team of 25+ professionals delivering solutions in 20 countries. Our clients are satisfied with our service and uncompromising quality of our delivery. We deliver cost-effective solutions on time and our products are more user-friendly. We deliver every product like a newborn baby. Every single feature of the product will be reviewed for its quality and responsiveness. 

Importance of internship

As a result, we can deliver intelligent and user-friendly web applications. We work hard and run fast to achieve our goals. We started doing things with highest customer satisfaction on time. Over the period, we started getting success after some struggles and slowly our success graph moving towards the top. At this point, we look for satisfaction towards the work we are doing. Satisfaction comes from giving back. Society gives us the opportunity to run such a great organisation whereas, we love to give back to the society something.

We think about training young talents directly from colleges. This will contribute not only to the students but also to the community. From this journey of training the freshers towards the industry standard, we enlightened the community. We transformed the freshers to the interns. By doing this we project their industrial skills to the employers. Our interns become one step forward than other students. They can easily able to understand the problems of real-time issues and solve them quickly compared to other freshers. 

About our Training:

We are doing this for students who are lagging in industrial expected skills. We guide them towards the right path to get offered in an industry. We structured our training in a more practical way by providing live experience with our organisation. Students from colleges can take this opportunity to learn real-time issues like how industries implement the concepts. We provide current technologies that are being implemented by the industries. 

Milestone in our Journey:

Recently, Francis Xavier Engineering college approached us to collaborate with them for their industrial development program. We can proudly announce that this is a milestone in our journey of giving back to society. Yes! Our CEO is an alumni of Francis Xavier Engineering college. So this is the biggest opportunity to serve the community from our origin point. This kind of internship will not only shape the freshers but also the brand name of our educational institution. Young India needs a good mentor to lead them. We definitely do mentoring our nation by our experience. This is one way of showing gratitude towards the society from which we got lots of opportunity. Successfully our training industry signed with colleges to train their students. We assure that we will train them to their full potential. This transforms many student’s that in turn transforms the families of the society. This spreads positive vibration towards the nation to move forward.

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