In today’s competitive business environment, getting the right products at the right time at the right place with the lowest cost is vital to the success of your business. Advancing, technological operations, interested professionals use logistics and delivery chain mobile applications as tools for operational excellence. These apps help companies to achieve every business process from tracking goods and inventory to booking meetings with customers, tasks, and projects. There are even apps that can replace the traditional logbook to make your job easier.

Have you heard of such mobile app solutions? But you may have some questions or doubts about the benefits and cost of feature-rich transportation and logistics applications. In this post, we are going to address your doubts by mentioning the top features of a logistics app. 

Why logistics apps:

Logistics mobile apps are preferred by leading businesses around the world. This rise is driven by global credibility over digitization. Taking your logistics business online can have some important benefits:

  • Time-saving
  • Improved the ability to manage the warehouse more efficiently
  • Increased accuracy

These apps help to find lasting solutions to the logistics issues commonly faced by businesses, thereby contributing to the overall ROI. However, to enable this yield, it is important to equip the application with features that add value to the entire supply chain process.

Curious to know what are the top features of the logistics application? Then read and be informed.

Customer side features:

Registration: Users must register by email or social media credentials and phone number.

Vehicle Selection: Here the user can select the vehicles according to their needs and preferences.

Alerts and notifications: Alerts on distributions, tracking, and more.

Booking: Users can book and manage them as per their requirements. They can schedule reservations for a later date and time.

Billing and Payment: Here users can track all invoices of their bookings and deliveries. Using it they can easily pay the amount online using various built-in payment methods.

Appraisal system: An appraisal system is a feature of a good traffic application. Drivers can be judged here according to their behavior, time-lapse, etc. This allows the company to monitor the performance of its human resources.

Track Shipments: Users can track the shipment of their goods. They can see the current path in real-time and raise the query if any.

Estimated fares: Estimated fares will be displayed based on route and distance before booking.

Quote: The user can request a quote from the service provider according to the contracts or services they offer. It helps them to know about the cost and time to facilitate the decision to choose that service.

Features for drivers:

Registration: Here the driver registers using their phone number.

 Request: This section manages all requests that drivers receive to send an item. It helps to keep track of pending and completed requests.

Shipper details: Shipping data such as name, address, contact information, destination, and invoice will be stored here.

Inventory Details: Here the driver lists the details such as the distance he transfers, the fuel charge, the toll charge, the weight of the inventory.

Navigation: GPS driver lets you choose the fastest and safest way to deliver cargo. It is real-time, and users and administrators can keep track of them. 

Authentication of bills: The driver stores here all related bills for a particular trip. The board analyzes it before they pay the outstanding amount.

Notify nearest gas stations and mechanical supports: Installing features in your logistics application that will notify your drivers about a nearby gas station or machine help will help them access them for assistance when needed. This will help keep your machine in excellent condition at all times.

Multilingual support for drivers: Drivers come from different origins, it is important to be consistent with the drivers, and you need to work in harmony with them. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to integrate multilingual support.

Among the many things that can cause problems between you and your skilled drivers, language should not be one. Multilingual applications help your multilingual drivers to communicate with you more freely and thereby gain your trust.

Features for admin panel:

Login: The administrator must log in using their email and password. They can create a completely new account to manage the system.

Dashboard: Here is all the business-related information like pending requests, number of users.

Driver Tracking: Here you can manage drivers and their bookings.

Trucks, Shippers, and Tariff Management: Details about trucks, vehicles, export orders, and more are stored and managed here.

Billing and Invoice: Admin here analyzes bills and invoices submitted by drivers and users.

Push Notification: Helps to provide updates and alerts on export, delivery route, and demand for users (customer and driver).

Other features:

Fuel and Vehicle Consumption Management: Here the administration stores and manages the fuel consumption details of all running vehicles. Also, here they monitor vehicle management- whether they need service or pollution testing or not.

in-app chat: Communication between all parties involved is important. Therefore, it is important to use different methods such as SMS and emails. Also, having the chatbot in the app will help users to easily interact with the admin and driver.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration: Mobile applications for logistics companies must have multiple payment methods. Having transparent and reliable payment gateways like Gpay, Phonepe and more, will help your app succeed. Also, the application must combine different currencies to make payments.

Driver Safety: You can monitor here to ensure driver safety. It monitors their behavior using the phone, handbrakes, speed, and more. After that, it creates a scorecard, which allows the user to select the drivers and ensure their security.

Wrapping up:

These features guarantee accuracy and real-time accuracy in your app. These are key components of any growing logistics applications and are essential in today’s highly digitalized, transparent world.

Controlling your business with a power-packed mobile app will make it more efficient and streamlined as you do more work in less time. Lack of human intervention reduces the margin of error, thereby always providing only quality service.

Adding these features to your application will ensure that your logistics business operates across all boundaries. With these power-packed functions, you can give your own logistics management processor a solid boost in operational performance and productivity without incurring a high cost. This, in turn, provides an opportunity to gain an unmatched competitive edge and be relevant to changing today’s timeline customer preferences.

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