The food ordering industry is changing rapidly. As a restaurant owner, the only way is to be online to expand your existing customer base and boost streams of revenue.

Where did it all start? The first food order and the ordering system began during World War II when women volunteers provided hot, pre-cooked food to people affected by the war.

The idea spread and underwent a lot of changes and improvements to achieve the form that is done today through food ordering applications. Anyone who has a smartphone or tablet can order food online.

According to an NRA report last year, 74-75% of millennials want to order food online. This drastic change in eating habits and the rapid rise of technology are rapidly changing the food market.

The so-called digitization of food distribution allows food to be transported faster with less human contact. If you are thinking of starting your online food ordering system, you should be aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of ordering food online. 


Running an online food ordering system adds flexibility to the business, which will ultimately increase sales and profits.

  • Easy, fast, and comfortable:

In short, your customers choose to order food online because it is really at their fingertips.

Anyone with a smartphone can order food online from their favorite restaurant. According to a Harris poll, millennials (under the age of 30) are your most important target audience today.

More than 97% of millennials use their phones for anything. Ordering food online comes into the same broad category.So using the online food ordering system is the easiest way to attract millennials.

  • Health benefits:

One of the important benefits of food ordering systems is health benefits. Because the meal is planned, it is easy to determine the exact number of calories consumed in each meal. Many food ordering systems retain their menu for health benefits and weight loss, which can be very helpful for individuals who are trying to lose weight and start a healthy diet.

  • Safer and healthier:

To reopen, food businesses will have to set up shop to meet the health and safety regulations of the Indian government. Owners must maintain social distances, use non-contact ordering and payment methods, and ensure surfaces are regularly cleaned.

Even if you are a small shop owner, Switching to the online ordering system for businesses means that your customers can order food without coming to the store and pay online without contact. This method not only brings profit to your business but also protects from the spread of covid-19.

  • Less chance for errors:

One of the best advantages of an online food ordering system for customers is that it ensures prices are accurate and there is less room for error when it comes time to settle the bill.

This is because customers have to select an item in the menu at the appropriate price and make sure that the right amount is always paid.

This has some good benefits for your business; The chances of mischarging are low, less time in ordering errors, and helping to provide satisfactory service to customers.

  • More customers:

As the new life progresses with technologies, online orders and payments are expected to be accepted.If your payment and menu method is hassle free, your regular customers will recommend you to their friends and will share on social media about your restaurant.

You can maximize your customers and your profits by providing a seamless customer experience.

  • Increased customer loyalty:

If you give customers a reason to come back, they will choose your store over your competitor. You can promote their loyalty through the loyalty program.

According to a recent study, a personalized digital experience is also a great way to encourage customers to come back. According to a recent survey out Of the 1000 customers, 50% said they change brands that offer a worse online experience, and 73% expect online customization.

Through a restaurant online ordering system, you can give personalized offers to loyal customers, request reviews to increase your ratings, and get feedback on your service.

  • Higher customer spend:

We all know that more and more customers are now engaging in digital products and services than ever before.

They also spend more when ordering online. Because reading the online menu is different from standing in line.

Customers have more time to make decisions. If they want a rich, gooey chocolate cake, they can order a lean latte without fearing the judgment of others. Even better if you have a carry-on bag!

Those who do not have food intolerance can take their time to read all the necessary information. This means customers are more likely to place large orders.

  • Highly customizable:

Food ordering apps are highly customizable so you can easily advertise your logo, brand colors, or other features that make your business unique. Additionally, if you want to delete or add an item to the menu, you must sign in, make your changes, and it’s done. 

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While there are many advantages to the online food ordering system, there are also some disadvantages to online food ordering systems. They are

  • Price:

One of the major drawbacks of online food ordering systems is price. When food is ordered for more than one person, the cost is usually equal to eating at a good restaurant every night. Many food ordering systems cost more than $ 20 per person per day. Even more expensive for some other food ordering systems. For individuals with a limited food budget, online food ordering systems are often too expensive.

  • Limited menu:

Another disadvantage for food ordering systems is menu choices. Most food ordering systems have a limited number of meals. The menu changes every few weeks or months, but if you stick to the system for more than a few months the menu items will come back again and again. You should also eat the food provided for that week. If you do not want to eat that particular food, you may have to order another food from another place or eat food you do not like.

  • Preparation:

The preparation factor may be a disadvantage to food ordering systems. Most food ordering systems give frozen food. They are usually easy to prepare, but they usually take more than an hour to cook because the food is frozen. To avoid long cooking times, you can remove the food from the freezer the day before. However, remember to eliminate food from the freezer to reduce cooking time.

  • Quality of food may be suffer:

  One problem with the food ordering system is that the quality of the food served is often worse than eating at a restaurant. Often, food has to be fed over long distances, and over time, precious vitamins can be lost. Also, food from the ordering system is often served in plastic packaging, which may not be very appealing to your eyes compared to the food neatly placed on your plate in a restaurant.

  • Food may get cold:

Due to the long ordering distances, your food may also be cold once it is finally delivered to your home.You need to reheat it or eat it cold.

This is especially true, if you order in an emergency the streets are often crowded and the ordering person will be stuck in traffic.

  • The vibe of the restaurant is missing:

In some restaurants, there is also a good circumstance which you will miss if you order your food at home.

For example, if you spend your evening in a good Chinese restaurant, you will often feel like you are actually in China because the decoration and the whole atmosphere are in line with the Chinese way of life.If you order food at your home, you will lose all of these.

Also, from time to time, it would be great if you could take your partner or family to a nice restaurant for dinner to spend a good evening.

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Wrapping up:

Despite some drawbacks, online food ordering systems generally benefit customers and restaurants. By trying out new restaurants (or ordering convenient meals) and helping restaurants attract new customers, customers can taste the delicacies foods as if they were in their bed. We understand both sides of this mess. brilliant technologies are here, Contact us to provide growth to your online food ordering system through mobile apps.


  1. Staffing cost is reduced:    

Customers can place an order from their mobile so that instead of an employee answering phone calls all the time. Once the restaurant receives the order, they prepare the food, and employees can spend their time in profitable ways.

  1. More sales and revenue:    

You are making your restaurant more competitive by making ordering more convenient. So that you can increase your customer base and boost your sales.

  1. Risk of disease transmission is low:

Online food ordering systems make it easy to stay safe for both customers and staff. Customers can simply pick up their order from the pickup area within the restaurant and make a payment without any contact.


  1. Delivery men in danger:

Delivery men deliver the food, if it is sunny or rainy, he is waiting outside the restaurant to take the order and deliver your order on time.

  1. Health issues:    

The attractive dishes sometimes make health issues due to their ingredients, and the hot food packed in plastic bags or boxes leads to health issues. If you get this type of food on regular basis, it may cause food poisoning and makes you obese too. 

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