In today’s world of automation, an online business faces many challenging tasks to get in. The user expects your eCommerce marketplace to have certain features in it. Now Ecommerce is not just about displaying your products with attractive images and having a checkout page; The rules of the game have changed in recent years.

As an online store owner, you need to take into account how quickly a customer can move from the landing page to the order check-out page.

Online shopping nowadays is done through mobile phones, e-commerce businesses should give utmost importance to improving the experience for mobile shoppers. Here, we have put together a list of essential features that make an eCommerce website a success.

There are different methods and ways to design an e-store. Therefore, you need to consider some site features that are very important for the shopper’s experience. When it comes to eCommerce marketplace features, some are more common than almost all eCommerce marketplace features. 

Order management system:

Sellers need to monitor the stock volume for each product they offer. Therefore, a simple order management system becomes an important multi-vendor market feature.

With its help, sellers will avoid problems with conflicting and uncompleted orders. For example, buyers may be prevented from placing an order that is currently uncompleted. In addition, sellers can automatically update stock levels each time they make a purchase.

Sellers should always make sure that buyers get the desired item on time. In this way, they prove to customers the credibility of their business and increase their chances of repurchasing.

The surest way to avoid problems with lost or unallocated orders is to monitor the current state of delivery. A convenient order management system should make this task easier to deal with.

For example, this market feature for sellers should allow sellers to send messages to buyers. Therefore, customers will know that it has been successfully processed and the item has been shipped.


If you are thinking of providing a customized dashboard for your sellers and vendors, it will be a great help to them. It is a fantastic idea because a dashboard can manage, add, remove, update and edit their profile, products and descriptions, manage sales targets, track their inventory, and much more from one place.

With this feature, suppliers can receive sales and customer reports. And analyze the consumer’s behaviors including best-selling products, non-performing items, categories, number of views, purchases and actions of buyers. With these insights, vendors can provide better customer service.

Once the statistics are collected, it will be easier for sellers to update their advertising strategy accordingly. With every successful seller, your online marketplace will become more and more profitable.

Image-based searches:

Searching for a product by image may be a new concept, but it’s not new in online browsing because you can use images to search for relevant information on Google. Also, image-based searches are becoming more popular these days and they will emerge as a better trend in 2021. Image-based search can help online businesses and customers.

Although the buyer can easily find the desired product by using an image, an online business can get it after competition with its products. Online merchants can start using this functionality on mobile devices and language numbers will not be a barrier for buyers to purchase desired products.

By integrating this functionality with their digital strategy, online merchants can reap many benefits for their businesses. These benefits include entry into new markets. Also, the result depends on the magnification and quality of the images used.

Hassle-free secured payment gateway:

Today’s interested customers need options when making payments. Ensure that there are various payment gateway integrations in the market. Whether it’s online/banking transfers, e-wallets, debit or credit cards, cash on delivery, your customers are going to appreciate the level of freedom they get after purchases online. This gives them the much-needed flexibility they are looking for when choosing their preferred payment method. This will speed up your check out the funnel and enhance their overall shopping experience

Simplified and flexible checkouts:

Did you know that 56% or more of the digital shopping carts on eCommerce sites are abandoned by customers? In some cases, they are not ready to buy, but in others, they are left unpurchased because the checkout is too complicated. Encouraging registration will be useful, and allowing guest updates as an alternative will retain customers who do not wish to create an account.

If there are too many screens, losing progress and being forced to redo the steps, or if the payment method they want is not supported, shoppers may drop the update. Improve your checkout process so it does not take much time and supports all payment types widely used in your destination region

Also, enable language options to Increase your business internationally. Let consumers view the site in the language they prefer or based on their geo-location and allow the consumer to change the language to translate and edit marketplace content to their choice. 

Product promotion feature:

Chances are there will be multiple suppliers on your e-commerce platform. Every seller will try to find their way to attract the attention of the customers. They will adopt different marketing strategies to improve their products and services in your market and increase sales.

The most effective promotional techniques are:

  • Adding detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and videos. The visual component is more important than thinking. Allow your vendors to upload product photos and videos. Allow them to add detailed product descriptions. Visually appealing content acts as an effective multi-vendor market feature. It helps make your online marketplace more recognizable and reliable.
  • Mail and subscription. With these methods, vendors can reach their customers effectively. Buyers will be updated on discounts, new arrivals, and promotional deals available at specific stores. Additionally, vendors may add recommended items based on the customer’s previous shopping experience.
  • Loyalty programs including discount campaigns and coupons. This option leads to repurchase and can even load the average order value. With double points and coupon codes, your sellers will earn more revenue.

Customer/vendor communication and ratings:

Product reviews and ratings are valuable for boosting sales because 95% of customers check reviews before making a purchase and can go elsewhere to find detailed feedback from other customers. Customers can ask questions about products directly to multiple vendors through the marketplace if they need more information, and 2-way communication is important, so both customers and vendors can start conversations if they have issues with their orders.

To Build a positive reputation in your marketplace using the built-in review system, not only does this help determine high-quality products, but it also creates accountability and ensures quality control over your products and services. Let customers review not only the products but also the vendors.

Wrapping up:

We discussed the most needed features for a multi-vendor marketplace. These include quick login, comprehensive vendor page, product listings, and order management system. Also, do not forget about the analysis of consumer behavior and advertising features.

All of these multi-vendor marketing features make your sellers the successful and profitable e-commerce site they want.


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