Smarther encourages food delivery businesses to run their functions online with the help of a customized and cost-effective Zomato clone app. Powerful features are integrated with our solution and ready to go live within days. Launch an app with these amazing features and phenomenal functionalities that offer to satisfy the hunger of food lovers.

Zomato clone script is a prime food delivery solution that allows entrepreneurs to launch their on-demand food delivery apps like zomato, swiggy, postmates, food panda, etc. It is a variety of excellent features and strong functionality that makes the entire process of food ordering a significant one. Customers can log in, search, order, pay, and get their tasty foods at their doorsteps without any struggle. As it is white-labeled, the app can be rebranded with your rooted business recognition. As the app handles millions of concurrent users and orders perfectly, you no need to worry about your expansion.

How does Zomato clone offer efficiency to your business?

Zomato clone is a front-edge food delivery solution that enables restaurants to begin online services and earn more revenue. As per business dimensions, all with the latest technology, and the newest features, the modules are customized.

We, Smarther provide dedicated apps and panels for restaurants and users, all operated in real-time, so users can complete the tasks fastly. We offer all the needed modules and latest features in the Zomato clone app which is opting for your business.

How does Zomato clone app work?

The main modules involved in creating the best experience and satisfying the customer demands, the online food delivery app script assists a business start effective services fastly, with the zomato clone app. The workflow of the solution helps the best approaches for the users to receive flawless deliveries that are created with practical navigation support. The white-labeled zomato app clone makes sure that customer can track their deliveries, pay online, and access a contactless delivery experience, with the addition of estimated arrival time and delivery driver details. The workflow of the zomato app clone is:

  • A customer selects and places an order from a preferred restaurant’s menu. They can either pay online or choose pay on delivery option.
  • The restaurant receives the order and accepts it.
  • After preparing the order, the restaurant places a request for the delivery to the nearby delivery driver.
  • The delivery driver accepts the request and gets the order from the restaurant and delivers it to the customer’s location.

Why choose us for the Zomato app clone?

We, Smarther deliver you a fully customized, feature-rich, and cost-effective online food store with our team of experts having years of experience.

  • Customize as per your requirement: The way you like the Zomato app clone, we customize it. Choose excellent customizations for your app and customers, based on your delivery needs and business model.
  • Technologically good solution: With our feature-rich food delivery business, get your restaurant business online successfully. With your website and app, practice the technologically sound solutions online.
  • Dedicated technical support: Our dedicated and experienced coders operate with you all the time when you face struggles and help speed up the success and ROI of your food delivery business.
  • Multiple payment channels: Customers are enjoying checkouts and payment options by getting an online food delivery store that supports multiple payment channels.
  • Top-class service: Our main goal is to offer development services that are fully secure and easy to use to resist unauthorized interference.
  • Admin Dashboard: The admin is offered with the customized dashboard facility according to their requirement and access.
  • Mobile apps: We offer a customized Zomato clone app that is optimized on Android and iOS, and have a unique User Interface that is easy to use and operate.
  • Free server installation: We install our script to your server free of cost after the purchase is completed. In a short period, we assist you to make your script live.
  • Free app submission: We submit the app that you have purchased from us. We support you to submit iOS apps in the app store and android apps in the play store.
  • Free bug support: We work to deliver the top quality bug-free products regularly. If any critical bug is detected, we work it on immediately within the support period. Else, we will add it in our future updates.
  • On-time support: We are supporting you through all means of communication channels always.
  • Native iOS & Android apps: To provide a lightweight script, Our experts designed all the features of the app in the native languages of iOS & Android.
  • Support after app rejection: Even after the purchase is completed, we are supporting.
  • Free technical support: For registration of accounts on any third-party sites like SMS, Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, etc, our experts will help you.
  • Free white labeling: Having your logo and company name everywhere is important. In the admin panel, you can remove our logo and name from everywhere you see and replace them with yours.

Main features of the Zomato app clone:

Enhance your food delivery business with the zomato app clone, integrated with strong features.

    • Real-time tracking: Users can easily track their orders and the delivery drivers.
    • Integrated app wallet: It enables the users to pay for the orders through the app directly, using this feature within the app.
    • Push notification: With this feature, send fast updates to the users and restaurant owners.
    • Customer support: With the in-app chat support and queries form, customers can connect with you quickly.
    • Discounts and promotions: By using the features of discount coupons, promo codes & other exclusive offers, promote your delivery app.
    • Report and analytics: Know about your development via analytics that collects data, and creates reports on campaigns, returns, and sales.
  • Covid-19 safety features: 
  • Contact-free delivery: Customers can get their order contact-free. Your orders are delivered near your doorsteps by the delivery drivers, without any contact.
  • Take away: Customers can collect their food orders directly from the restaurants, for eliminating unnecessary contact.
  • Safety Badge: The admin can investigate restaurants and the activities of delivery drivers to provide them with covid-19 safety badges. It ensures that the customers get the food from safe hands.
  • Disabling COD: There is a chance to spread covid-19 by COD. So, disabling COD is the best way to control the covid-19 transmission chain.
  • High-touch surface details: Customers will be provided with a complete guide for added safety to sanitize high-touch surfaces such as food covers, handle covers, etc., during their food delivery.
  • Safety reviews: Customers can give feedback on the delivery service offered, and the safety measures followed, helping businesses to maintain their safety protocols in check.
  • Knowledge banners: In this banner section, the app users will be guided about covid-19, its symptoms, preventive measures, and more to help them stay safe.

Latest features of the Zomato app clone:

New themes: This feature is used to update the theme from light mode or dark mode. Other than that, the admin and restaurant panel can select colored light or dark themes based on their brand and change if they want.

  • Dispatch from admin panel: It enables the admin to dispatch the orders. After selecting the vehicle, the admin will allocate the driver for service, either auto-assigning or manually.
  • Reserve a table online: To avoid the long waiting queue, customers can reserve a table in their favorite restaurants, and select preferred table forms. In addition, they can also order food and pay online.
  • New payment gateways: All modules are integrated with the new payment gateways, PayU, PAystack, other than Stripe. These gateways are safe and supports in a few countries, enabling delivery businesses latitude to climb heights.
  • Activity Log: Admins are watching all activities processing on all platform modules, with their status, if they are successful or failed. These activities are again classified as low, medium, and high priority logs.
  • Set Privacy and Terms and Conditions: The admin can set the terms and conditions and privacy policy for each of all the apps and panels, for using them. 
  • Multi tax settings: Restaurants and admin can set tax for the items such as VAT/Tax and also delivery service. Other than, while setting the delivery fees, and selecting country, city, and delivery type, the admin can also set the taxes for the delivery services.
  • Scan QR code and Order: By scanning QR codes provided at the restaurant’s table, customers can now order their food. In addition, after ordering, they can pay online using e-wallets or cards.

Technologies used are as follows,

  • Php
  • Angular JS
  • Java
  • Swift
  • CSS3
  • Html
  • Laravel

  • Online Aggregator: 

In this app, you can list all restaurants available in particular locations on your app, and allow users to place food orders from restaurants of their choice. You can partner with delivery drivers to extend your delivery services. Else, you can offer food-only food ordering services and allow restaurants to handle the delivery part with their team.

  • Single restaurant app : 

Design an online food delivery app for your restaurant business to expand your business operations, regardless of geographical location. This app is controlled to allow orders only from your single restaurant outlet, and users can place their orders from your menu list. The delivery service is handled by your workers.

  • Restaurant chain app : 

Users can find their favorite restaurants near their locations and order food, after logging into the app. The delivery request is then forwarded to your nearby delivery partners or handled by your delivery service workers.

Why our zomato app clone differs from others?

  • Strong tech support
  • Secure online payment
  • Faster delivery 

Features of our Zomato app clone:

Customer app:

It enables the customers to view the nearby restaurants, and their food menu, and place immediately or schedule orders easily. Customers can track their deliveries in present also, after placing the order.

  • Login/Sign in: Customers can sign up with the app using their email IDs, mobile number, or social media accounts.
  • Filter/sort: Customers can find their favorite restaurants or foods using this filter option. 
  • Add to cart: Customer can add their favorite food items to the cart. There is no condition to add more food from the same restaurant.
  • Checkout: After customer adds their favorite food items into the cart, they can be processed for checkout.
  • Payment Processing: Customers can confirm their orders by processing the payment. They can pay through multiple payment gateways available in the app.
  • Push notification: Through in-app push notifications, Customers will be updated about their order status instantly.
  • Order tracking: Customer can track their order via GPS-enabled live tracking after the food orders are out for delivery.
  • In-app chat/call: If there are any queries for the customer about the order, they can connect with both restaurants and delivery drivers through the in-app chat/call.
  • Ratings and reviews: Customers can rate and share feedback about the orders or the services of restaurants and delivery.
  • Order History: Customers can view their all activities like previous, canceled orders, date and time, invoicing, and more in this feature.

Restaurant app

  • Product management: Create, manage, and delete particular products on the list provided by the restaurant.
  • Restaurant availability status: The restaurant goes offline and comes back online and receives orders depending on their convenience.
  • Food varieties: The restaurants can select a category to add the food items, combo offers, and other customizations to the food items.
  • Live to track: It helps track the locations of both the restaurants and delivery drivers.
  • Offers: Depending on the order, restaurants can provide multiple offers particularly designed for users.
  • Order Status: The restaurant can update the status of an order from confirmed to canceled for customers.
  • Flexible booking: They can allow the customers to book the food items at any time they want and schedule the delivery at a specified time.
  • Earning management: The restaurant tracks the earring on each order or bulk order through the panel.
  • Delivery dispatch: They can assign the delivery of the order to the delivery driver and track them in real time.
  • Multi-language support: In a hassle-free way, the restaurant panel can be changed and customized to the language of their choice.

Delivery driver panel:

  • Registration: Delivery drivers can register by entering their name, and address, and uploading the needed documents to verify their identity.
  • Profile: Delivery drivers can make their profile and update it to make it stand out from the competition.
  • Incoming orders: Incoming orders notify the delivery drivers immediately.
  • Accept/decline orders: Depending on their schedule, the delivery driver can accept/decline any incoming order.
  • Push notifications: The admin keeps in touch with customers and provides any information at any time, by sending push notifications to customers and delivery drivers. 
  • Set a schedule: Delivery drivers can schedule their timings and work at their own pace.
  • GPS navigation: Using the GPS navigation available in the app, delivery drivers can navigate to and fro from the user’s location.

Admin Panel 

  • Site earnings: Through the admin dashboard, the admin can view the earnings of the restaurants and the site.
  • Zone management: Admin can search into multiple zones under which the operations are running. The admin will supervise the number of delivery drivers in each zone.
  • Restaurant list: With a preset individual commission rate, the admin can add, delete, view, and edit restaurants.
  • Language settings: The language settings of the app to match the user’s desired language and enhance convenient access to the app, can be changed by the admin.
  • App updates: Both the driver’s and rider’s apps can be updated by the admin, through the admin panel.
  • Sub-admin moderators: Admins can make sub-admins to handle their business with controlled access to various modules in the panel.
  • Gift option: It allows offerings of products such as wraps, personalized messages, etc.
  • New arrivals: Admins have the power to display the new or latest food on top of the home page of the app for easy reach.
  • Revenue payroll: Admin can connect to the delivery driver’s account and make a transaction of their weekly earnings, and commission deduction, hassle-free.

Our Zomato app clone script package : 

We provide an end-to-end solution for your food delivery service. Our app package has a separate panel for customers, delivery drivers, restaurants, and the admin for both iOS and Android app stores. And also offer web apps for all stakeholders involved. These applications are suitable with all digital assistants for fast access. Our package contains: 

  • Restaurant Android: It is designed especially for greeting customers in a new way.
  • Restaurant iOS: It is built for a solid customer base in the competitive landscape.
  • Restaurant web panel: For smartly innovating food delivery services, an all-in-one web panel for a restaurant is designed.
  • Driver Android: For drivers, to manage a broad range of orders without struggle, a one-stop android app is designed.
  • Driver iOS: To compete with Delivery services on time, a scalable iOS app for drivers is created.
  • Driver web panel: All-in-one dashboard is created for tracking delivery orders, customer location, payment, etc.
  • Customer Android: To book the preferred food from favorite restaurants fastly, an eater-centric android app is used.
  • Customer iOS: Committed iOS app for customers for accessing restaurants in both nearby/faraway.
  • Customer web panel: To change food ordering smart, this feature-rich web panel is especially for eaters.
  • Admin web panel: A key element that is used to manage all activities in food delivery services in a simple manner.
  • Billing panel
  • Dispatcher panel

The solution we offer with our Zomato App clone:

  • Scalable product: We give you the most scalable powerful products in every category
  • Effective admin dashboard: The whole control of your websites and mobile apps is cozy available in your admin dashboard. You can send messages to your apps and everything.
  • Whitelabel Solution: Our solution is fully white labeled to put whatever brand you want.
  • Cost effective: Zomato prolongs your runway because it is the most feature-rich solution in its category and costs are less.
  • Native Mobile apps: Both our iOS and Android apps are created natively so, they are performing with excellent user experience on their respective platforms.

How to monetize an app like Zomato Clone?

  • Commission fee from partners: It is the main way for the admin to get money from the Zomato clone. The restaurants or partners have to pay commission charges for each order to the admin.
  • Charges by delivery services: Admin can get delivery charges from each order. Some of these charges are obtainable by the respective delivery driver.
  • Advertisement services: A third-party brand can pay the admin to display their business to the online ordering customers.
  • Restaurant Ad services: If the restaurants want to promote their restaurants in the app, they can pay the admin of the zomato clone to update their restaurants in the featured restaurant’s part.

Conclusion : 

Zomato is one of the best delivery options available. So, it is critical to at least know about the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform. A Zomato clone must have at least the smooth functionality of the platform. We, Smarther create the zomato app clone with integrated features, to make your business run conveniently, user-friendly, and reach more customers.


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