It is not easy to reach more customers in the food industry. In the last five years, restaurant delivery has increased by 20%. In this blog, we will discuss the top features of a food delivery marketplace website or mobile app. Top features mean the top essential features of a food ordering or delivery marketplace platform, especially in 2022.

Top features of food delivery marketplace app in 2022:

    • Social media integration: Social media pay an important role in any business nowadays. One can grow their business through social media by offering the best services and obtaining the best customer’s feedback. Customers can share their photos and videos of their favorite food with their followers, with social media integrations. You can use social media and tie it with your discount/loyalty programs to stimulate existing customers to earn points and rewards for inviting new customers. You can convert the new one-time customers to long-term repeat customers.
  • Real time Tracking at the time of online food delivery: It is essential to give 100% satisfaction on every aspect of food delivery to customers, to stay afloat in competitive food industry. When customers are eager to know the status of order, order pickup and delivery is the main part. You can smooth your business by monitoring your driver’s performance, searching the best route, and ensuring customers receive their order on time, using this feature Many businesses are offering order updates to their customers regarding their orders even in heavy traffic, by allowing GPS tracking in your mobile app or website. By the best route optimization and driver performance evaluation, businesses can generate more revenue and obtain customer loyalty.
  • No cash only digital payment: Customer can use your app seamlessly, easy payment methods are best to satisfying your customer. Digital payment is very convenient and safe for anyone. Provide all payment options to your customers that are related to your work country like pay via cash on delivery or pickup, pay on delivery, pay via card, pay online via bank transfer, etc.
  • QR code:  You can’t only make your payment, but also order food from scanning menu, with QR code. There will be no chance to of manual errors that happen while taking the order manually by the waiters. So, customers can order themselves. Payment using QR code is effortless for anyone.  It is fully contactless payment method. Just scan, then pay for your order. Payment will be made without any hassle, within few seconds. You can reach more and more people through social media, with sharing option. This option is best for takeout, fast service restaurants, or food delivery via on ordering website. The digital menus with QR code provide convenience and comfort and make the overall process from ordering to payment experience much better. The most popular food ordering and delivery system Grubhub is using the QRcode payment system.
  • Order food by voice: Currently, many of the people using home smart speakers like “Alexa”, “siri” for ordering everything, pick/make a call, or playing music. 500 million of people are using Google Assistant with voice commands as per one of the reports. And the usage of voice assistant will increase 80% by 2023, more than now. While delivering your orders, order estimates, offer multiple food options, voice commands solutions influence your customers. 
  • Smart search: This feature is worked based on the recent and frequent search by users. It will suggest the respective restaurant and food items on the previous search. Smart search option makes the customer’s ordering process smooth. Customers can get correct data as per their expectation.
  • Push notifications: Push notification is essential to include. With the help of this feature, you can connect with your customers anytime. It includes offers, discounts, loyalty programs, and location-based alerts.Push notification must be managed in a good manner(at which time customers get notification) and add some value to customers(not just commercial), in your food ordering app. 
  • Coupons/Loyalty programs: Offers on anything make people makes crazy, as per human psychology. 70% of customers use food ordering apps finding offers and deals, according to one research. It is the best way to higher your sales in a short period.  You can measure the effectiveness of marketing for your restaurant, when you post offer or loyalty programs on social media. 45% of customers say that the loyalty program would motivate them to use online food ordering app more and more. Awarding reward points to your customer for their every order stimulates them to order again and again. They become trusty for your platform and it assists to generate more and more revenues in the business. One can provide a specific membership that includes a discount on food delivery and dine in. Starbucks has accepted loyalty programs for increasing sales by over 80%. With the options of monthly membership or taking a reasonable commission-based margin on each order placed through your food marketplace platform, you should register restaurants on your marketplace platform.
  • Contactless delivery at the customer’s doorstep: Although the power of coronavirus spreading is reduced nowadays, it is spreading in all western and eastern countries. So, contactless delivery is crucial for your food delivery marketplace. While placing the order, this option must be at the time of checkout. This feature offers you a contactless food ordering and delivery operations for employees of your business and customers. In this situation, you need to order prepaid & pre-tipped to the restaurant and delivery man, and no cash or exchange needed. For delivering the order, the driver knocks the customer’s door and steps back few feet, so customer can receive the order. Many popular food ordering and delivery business already begun “contactless delivery” to avoid the spread of Covid-19 in their state. 
  • Ratings and reviews: It is the platform for customer to express their experience about the food and services. 82% of customers place orders by checking the reviews and ratings of corresponding restaurants, according to the reports. On the other side, this is the best idea to prevent any difficulties like you can react to some feedback before it reaches social media. You are ensuring a good name for your restaurant by this way.
  • Discounts & Offers: This feature is the must-have feature for every food delivery marketplace business to increase the number of orders and attract customers to place more and more orders. You should have all types of discounts like percentage discounts, minimum order value discounts, etc. 


Even if the pandemic ends, people’s food ordering habits will stick with them. The food industry is increasing every year. Above are the basic, must-have, and essential features of the food delivery marketplace business platform. Make it easy and simple to use to start with. Contact smather a leading food ordering app development company if you are looking for developing your own app.


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