If you are an entrepreneur, you should have just got a site for your business or on the off chance that you haven’t, at that point, you should consider getting one. A business, be it a little start-up or large enterprise, they require a professional looking site that speaks to their business and brand splendidly to make their online presence.

Why is WordPress best CMS for small business websites?

Wordpress is one of the most famous content management system around the world. About more than 68% of world’s websites are made up of CMS like wordpress and presently it has developed into the biggest and most flexible content management system framework which enables you to make a completely practical site and portable application.

Open source and totally free

Since wordpress is open source , you can download it from anywhere and install it to use. Wordpress can save money if you are a startup company. The main advantage of wordpress is that you can actually can make edit or add new pages and post easily without any help of a developer.

Simple and easy to use

The main reason why millions of people use wordpress is that it is very easy to learn. Anybody can learn wordpress by simply watching wordpress tutorial in online. There are thousands of articles and video tutorials about how wordpress works and where to download all those themes and plugins.

SEO Friendly

In today’s world every website is made to behave SEO Friendly. Normally websites without wordpress may have higher chances of getting attacked by intruders or some malware attacks by unknown softwares, well incase in wordpress sites the chances of getting affected by these malwares are reduced or Zero. wordpress helps to protect your websites from unknown viruses.If you are doing digital marketing then you can drive more traffic to your website easily by wordpress.

Free Themes and Plugins

Before starting your website obviously you need a design layout for your website. It might be quite expensive for the user to afford so on the other hand wordpress can easily install themes and plugins which the user decides about the website layout. Installation of these themes and plugins is easy that anybody can download those from the internet and access it installing it.

Responsive Design

The need of having a mobile responsive site can be effectively satisfied with the WordPress. Responsiveness is something that each business visionary needs for the sites as well as for their applications and email formats. Hopefully Most of the wordpress sites are made Mobile responsive so that those sites looks great on your tabs, mobile phones, desktops and other portable devices.

Wordpress is getting more popular everyday so it is obvious that every small company should have wordpress website. The simple and clear answer for every one of these worries is WordPress. Simply get it to build up your business site. 

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