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Smartphones and tablets have taken over web browsing. The same visitors that used to find your website on their desktop computers now stand in line at the grocery store, sit on the couch watching TV, and sip their coffee in cafes searching for information. With a responsive site, webpages adjust seamlessly to the size of any device. No hassle for you to create multiple website versions and no hassle for your website visitor. That’s why you need a responsive website design.

1. Enhanced user experience 

Your desktop site no doubt causes problems with your mobile consumers. A mobile compatible site will be easier to navigate and decrease drop-offs on your landing pages. It will avoid the confusion and frustration of scrolling for miles on a desktop site too.

2. Increased engagement 

A responsive website offers users with more instant action options. They can immediately contact your business via mobile-specific functionalities. For instance, mobile users can use click-to-call commands and mapping functions.

3. More advantages for SEO 

Google prefers responsive sites. They rank higher on the pages of Google so you will gain a lot more online exposure as opposed to just a desktop site.

4. Faster download speeds  

All pages will load faster. Who doesn’t want a quicker site? It stops impatient users from dropping off your page and enhances the user experience. Also, if you have downloadable content on your website it makes the wait time for them to download a lot shorter.

5. Offers flexibility and convenience 

Mobile users love convenience and flexibility. It is all about the easiest way for them to view your content. They have all the information they want at their fingertips. They receive the information on a device of their choice when and where they want.

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