Wordpress Vs Magento

The E-commerce world is changing continually. Every platform has its unique selling point to some degree. Your E-commerce platform should be easily customizable and it should also be SEO friendly. You may be asking yourself which CMS is better for you and your business? Whether WordPress or Magento?

Generally these two WordPress and Magento content management system may seem similar, that lets you to add, modify, and manage your content in a simple yet effective manner, however they also have differences when you dig deep into their core purposes.

Why not Wordpress?

Wordpress is basically a content management platform, particularly used for blogging websites, and is allegedly the largest content management platform on the web. Even the blog website of ebay which owns magento is run on Wordpress, that fairly explains its monopoly on content based websites. It is very easy to install, learn and highly customization.

It was primarily developed as a content management platform but with the emergence of e-commerce there is large number of plugins made available for Wordpress users which they can integrate and then start selling on their own website. But that has its own set of disadvantages like, it makes the site insecure which is not feasible for an online store, it increases the load time. Further, you cannot have a scalable e-commerce website when it is running with aid of plugins.

Why Magento?

Magento is primarily an e-commerce platform. It is larger in size compared to Wordpress and has all the necessary modules that are crucial to any e-commerce website like payment options, invoice options, product attributes etc. Unlike Wordpress where blogging is primary and e-commerce is secondary, magento is e-commerce first and blogging is appended via plugin.

Final Word 

So, it is needless to say that you can create an e-commerce website on Wordpress but that wouldn’t be as effective as Magento and most importantly secure and scalable. Both are best in their own domains so the best thing to do is that develop your e-commerce website on Magento and blog channel on Wordpress.

Clearly we know that both are Content Management System, to be precise magento was developed especially for E-commerce, if your objective is to sell a product online then magento is all that you are looking for.

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