People across the world are being fear-bound due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and they need to face the quarantine era. People have been stunned to buy essential items since the government enforced the lockdown. In such a situation, mobile phones and web applications are smart and simple to use and make a huge difference. That’s why we recommend you to develop a grocery delivery app like grofers that allows gaining popularity among the public and marketers. 

Grofers: One of the Heroes of Grocery apps:

Grofer is one of the top players in the online grocery app scenario. It is the perfect alternative of sitting at the comfort of your home or office, ordering everything with the help of grofers from your local stores, selecting the item and location, making cashless payments, and receiving your grocery items instantly without any unnecessary trouble. It is all about how the on-Demand world looks and feels. It is convenient, both time and labor-saving, practical and affordable. 

The reason behind choosing Grofers like the app:

According to the recent survey, the online grocery market is expanding tremendously and is expected to reach US$3 billion by the end of 2021. After knowing the success you might plan to launch online startups by investing money in grocery app development to earn an expected ROI. Before starting this, you must know the cost of developing an on-demand grocery app.The following factor is the first thing that will hit your mind if you set your mind to jump into the development of grocery delivery applications.

They are 

  • Business Model:
  • List of Features.
  • Development of the app.
  • Bottom Line.

Business Model:

When you are thinking about the grocery app development you must know the four kinds of business modes.

Aggregators model:

 Life Flipkart and instacart the products were purchased from different places in aggregators. It contains the list of nearby stores and their products list. One can buy from the stores that are listed based on their location.


 Marketplace models have their menus and delivery drivers to take orders and bring the grocer to the customer doorsteps. If you don’t have a previous grocery-related business but want to run grocery alone, this is the most appropriate type of app for you. 

Grocery Chains:

 The customer can easily order their groceries with this app and have delivered it to their home. For example, the big grocery store apps like Kroger Mobile app have their app for their customers.

 Single Store:

Single vendor apps are only available for a single shop. One can easily purchase all the products that are available in that particular store in that location. App building and management, Orders taking, and item delivering these all are handled by the single store.

List of Features to develop an ultimate app like grofers:

You need to make services available quickly, easily, and with convenience. 

Simple Design and easy navigation:

You need to hold the simple layout with easy navigations to assist your customers rapidly place an order without much need of gaining knowledge about the app. Your app’s design must be the technique of exploring diverse items, including them into the cart, making their list, and paying for them to be finished in just a few taps in minimal sliding screens. These are the strategies that help you to retain your customers.

User Interface:

Obviously, Your success is determined by the User Interface. A good UI always offers an experience of continuity purchasing and remains everything on a few taps.UI must be natural, stylish, and powerful.

For example, if a user can check the time in their cart, the UI will sustain the page where other products are listed. 

The app should provide the list of their previous orders and it can be editable.

Quick Browsing:

You must focus on giving a quick experience of browsing to the customers who trust your app. 

Immediate Notification:

Each time you must send an immediate notification to the customer when the item is packed, dispatched, and after the item is delivered. It is the strategy to build trust with your app. For instance, after completing the payment process if the user didn’t receive a notification, they are afraid of whether the amount is debited or not. Immediate notification is the solution for all the worries that people get about the item ordered.

Rapid Search and Easy Checkouts:

The UI you design in a way every element remains simple and does respond in real-time. You can provide a rapid filter solution that helps to ensure the customer can select their choice of item and place their order easily. The various modes of online payment along with the case on delivery payment system assist the people to feel free to use.

Delivery Scheduling:

 Delivery schedules for grocery stores need to be made in such a way that customers can book slots for their convenience. It would allow users to be available during the slots booked for the planned delivery date, as well as to schedule their work accordingly. Unschedule delivery will lead to customer loss.

Development Phase:

Customer App:

  • Online Order Requesting.
  • Convenient Pick-up and Delivery Scheduling.
  • Real-Time Order Tracking.
  • Multiple Payment Options.
  • Notifications.
  • Referral Programs
  • Native Language Support
  • Rating & Feedback System.

Delivery Agent App:

  • Profile Management.
  • Order Status Updation.
  • Shortest Route Tracking.
  • Local Language Support.

Store Manager App:

  • Product and Cost Management.
  • Real-Time Order/ Field Tracking.
  • Notifications.
  • Reports.
  • Stock Management.
  • Regional Language Support.

Admin Panel:

  • Vendor/ Store Management.
  • Product/Cost Management.
  • Customer Management.
  • Real-Time Order/ Delivery Agent Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Accepting Panel.
  • Analytics.
  • Multiple Language Support.

Bottom Line:

 There are many grocery app development company out there that can help you to customize the Grofers-like apps. Get in contact with them to create your Grofers clone app.

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