We Smarther, one of the best Mobile app development company in Chennai, and having branches in Sanfrancisco / Germany and Bangalore.Delivering Android and iOS mobile applications Solutions as per clients requirements. We have successfully delivered 200+ applications covering various industries. We have been awarded as the best Mobile app development company by ENANTRA. Having around 12+ years of experience in the field of mobile application development.

Why iOS app developers are in Demand?

Since the demand for innovative and new apps are constantly improving the need for highly skilled developers are in demand. The price of the mac is not easily affordable by all the middle-class people and this reflects the demand for the iOS developers.

Smarther offers iOS training at Free of cost

Due to the high demand for iOS developers we are planning to get more skilled developers by giving training. The main aim of this plan of providing fress iOS training is create more and more skilled iOS developers so that they can meet the demands in the industry. Smather’s mission t produce 1000+ highly skilled iOS developers in chennai.


1. Does iOS development have a future?

Yes, iOS development is emerging into more and more new technologies, and the development will have the best future.

2. Which is more in demand Android or iOs?

Undoubtedly iOS is on-demand at present.

3. Why should I learn iOS development?

Since there is a huge demand in the iOS developer side, and there are vast technological things to learn that can help you to get better career growth.

4. Do you provide placement after training?

Yes, based on the individual skill set we provide placements.

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