Everyone in the world knows how mobile applications are crucial to our lives. Many apps are available for booking tickets, food ordering or reserving saloons, etc. Like these apps, school mobile apps are also available especially for the students who are the pillars of our countries. Apps for schools helps to build a tight parent-school relationship and to know the performance of the students. Students don’t need to worry about missing out on any topic. Today, the goals of mobile apps may vary from school to school, but the overall aim is to provide access to school information and one-to-one engagement. 

Features of School Mobile App:

 However, technology may be a boon or a ban; it depends solely on how it is used. Students are becoming smarter and learning skills more quickly than they have been in the previous generation. Mostly they prefer e-books and video tutorials rather than reading books. 

Online Teaching-Learning Process:

Online teaching-learning is highly significant for the students who are located in another city or unable to be a part of school due to physical disability. This app should allow the student to get connected with the staff anytime. In addition, online education allows staff to plan online tests and quizzes and keep an eye on children’s level of comprehension.

Attendance management:

Taking attendance or maintaining the attendance register are difficult and repetitive tasks. It hates the staff members and they get angry. So your app must provide a feature to easily mark the attendance of both students and staff. Set up an app to send a quick message to the parents when the student takes leave.

Payment Gateway Integration:

It plays an important role while paying the school/ college fees. It can save the countless hours of administrative workers as well as the parents who have to deal with a long queue for paying and receiving fees. Using this app, parents can pay the fee of the child without any stress and the amount will be directly credited to the school bank’s account.

Worksheet and Report Card:

 School teachers will create a worksheet according to the curriculum of the school and share them with parents and students. In addition, parents can also check their report cards and communicate with their class teacher about it. It will help the parents to notice their child’s performance.

Push Notifications:

  Parents will receive regular updates and alerts about upcoming activities, student performance, test schedules, courses and syllabus, and a regular announcement. Updates will be sent to both parents and students in real-time.

Calling and private messaging:

 A one-touch staff directory that allows parents to contact any staff member at any time and anywhere with a single click on the app. Parents will have a one-to-one chat with teachers and school administrators to discuss their child’s performance and test results or outcomes. It’s an easy bonding device for parents and students.

Update latest news and notices:

 This app helps to notify the parents about the latest happening events, news, and notices. Parents can get an update on circular and activities like the parent-Teacher Meeting. Parents are Keep up-to-date information on the various events taking place in schools.

Parents panel:

  Sign-up:- Parents must register with this application through their  mail        id or social media accounts.

 Stay- updated:- This feature helps to keep the parent’s touch with current school events. 

 Send Notes:- Daily school notes are sent to the parent and this order means   that they get updates on their mobile.

 Updating School events:- Even if the parents are busy working, it will help to know their kids and upcoming school events.

 Inform in case of urgency:- Inform the parents about the changes in   a  condition like rainy or changes in weather, to prevent annoyance.

  • They can be easily connected to school administration
  • `Parents can quickly read the attendance records and the performance sheets.
  •  Pay fee online via the application itself

Students Panel:

 Sign-up:- Students can sign up through the School Roll Numbers.

 Motivated:-Students can motivate by the fact that the parents keep a real-time- check on them through the application

 Google maps:- Events can be tracked on google maps.

 Homework Tracker:- Students have created a tracker for their homework, so they can prepare their homework.

 Absentee Note:- Students would take a leave, they can inform via the app.

Notification:- Able to get updates regularly.

School Admin:

Rapid Communication:- It allows the parent to directly contact the school admin.

 Send Notes to Parents:- Class Notes and reminders are sent to the parents by the school admin or staff

Save Time:- School needn’t pick up the calls every time. They can communicate directly through this application.

Reliable:- Getting the receipt for every message/ update that has been sent.

Financial Increment:- Eliminating the use of printing newsletters, hence enhancing financial benefits.

How to become your app best

  •  Highly Secured
  • Analytic Dashboard 
  • Configurable
  • Easy to use
  • Export Reports in Excel
  • Safety Notification and Alerts

Cost to develop mobile apps for schools:

The development cost not only depends on the size and complexity of the app but also the location of the developers and the number of hours they worked on creating an app. Have an idea to create an app for school management? Please free to contact us to get a free quote.

Overall, technology has an impact on the way school, teachers, and parents communicate. The school app for teachers saves a lot of time and money from both educational institutions and parents because it makes communication direct and instantaneous.

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