Mobile App Development has very bright scope due to increasing users of smartphones day by day, with affordable latest mobile gadgets at cheaper rate, demand of mobile apps is greater than ever. In other words increase in mobile app leads to increase in scope. Everyone should be aware of latest mobile app technology to cope up with the existing market. So 2018 is going to be changing year in terms of technology.

Wearable Devices

In recent trends , wearable devices are the most noted topic and it’s the most imaginative and epic method for collaboration with innovation.Prior wearables devices was restricted to cell phones however these gadgets change the entire view of conveying the innovation with ourselves.Google glass and Apple’s watch are the best cases of this class.Applications expected to make an easy to understand interface between the gadgets and the cell phones ought to be implanted with highlights to help the usefulness of the wearable gadgets.

These gadgets will speak with versatile applications to convey data in new ways. What’s more, will empower an extensive variety of items in different areas like beauty, fitness, healthcare etc. 

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages will help web applications to load more quickly on all mobile devices, reducing bounce rate. This change will also help publishers increase visibility to their ads and create a boom in the number of visitors.

Benefits of AMP:

  • Increased visitors
  • Higher CTR
  • Increased AD visibility
  • Higher Page Ranking
  • Easy visitors analysis
  • Fewer migration efforts
  • Easy content placement
  • No sitemap required
  • Mobile Search Index
  • Mobile Search Carousel.

Mobile e-Commerce

Nowadays more customers attracted towards  mobile e-Commerce trend and will be increased more in next few years.  Instead of using credit or debit cards, users choose  smartphone to purchase  and pay by using its various apps, which are available in compatible app  stores. This pattern is urging the engineers to develop more portable applications in various platform.

On-Demand Apps

On-demand applications are now becoming popular . They make our lives easier and more convenient, and we can use them from anywhere.

Examples of On-demand apps

  • food delivery app
  • restaurant app
  • taxi booking app
  • grocery app 
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