Mobile App Development Trends 2018: The evolution of mobile apps is incredible in past five years. From buying products to ording food, mobile application being integral part of our life nowadays. The demand for development getting increase every year and world upgrading to new and latest trends. Now most of the business realized that developing mobile app is no longer optional and its necessity like website.

Top Mobile App Development Trends 2018

According to the reports, the number of apps downloaded free in 2017 is assumed to be more than 254 billion, which is 57.33 billion five years back in 2012. This report clearly shows mobile app development is the fastest growing and most active sector in the industry.

The demand for innovative development is always getting higher over years.

The year 2018 heading to witness new trends in mobile app development. Application are no longer part of mobile phones alone, they are also connected along with wearables, smart home products, security products and more.

Technologies like Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR), cloud services are going to be key trends in 2018 for mobile apps. Here we are listing some of the Top 7 Trends to Watch in Mobile App Development for 2018.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The development of technology growing rapidly in every sector so does Internet of things. The emerging ideas of automotive company, smart home, idustrial IoT are developing faster.

From places like medical care to school education and smart house to offices places, Internet of things developing as mainstream in last year. With improvement in every sector, IoT expected to be key mobile app trends in 2018.

Mobile app helps to connect with Internet of things products which help to control products with the help of portable device.

Reports says, the growth of IoT is $157 billion in the year 2016 adnd it is expected to be $661 billion by 2021. This shows clearly the demand of IoT and which is going to controlled by mobile applications.

Android Instant Apps

Android instant application is a important mobile app trends look for in 2018. The idea of instant mobile app services is to operate all application without install in the mobile.

Moreover Android instant service is like website pages, which can be easily accessible. Some of the key benefits of using android instant apps are:

• Easily open app with a click without any installation
• Run android app seamlessly just like loading web pages
• Can manage to store mobile memory storage
• Compactable with all version of android

Mobile Payments

The way technology develope which change the lifestyle of people along. Mobile Payments is one such trends which is implementing everywhere. Customers widely used internet banking or credit/debit card for their purchase both online and offline.

Which implementation of Mobile payment technology people are gradually chaning to m-commerce, by paying through mobile apps.

Tech gaint like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay are trying hard to push customers to switch from cards to mobile via playment.

With increasing demand and easy method, Mobile payments looking to be important trends for mobile apps in 2018.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Apps

Like Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps have seen with huge rise in demand last year. The trend became like mainstream for game development industry.

The companies from various sectors like engineeringn real estate, retail, healthcare and more looking for Augmented Reality market. Virtual Reality trends looking to involve much with mobile gaming development stream.

There is some important benefits to consider choosing Augmented Reality (AR) which it allow products services to presented in detail to clients.

Companies now able to show their customers with relevance of product in real time. Virtual Reality (VR) can provides a 3D vision of products.

On-Demand Apps

On demand apps are much popular trend in mobile app development sector. It had some of the great benefits of development includes more conveience, easy availability of serives nearby, payment can be made easily and services done timely.

Examples include:

Booking services
Laundry services
Healthcare services
Food delivery
Taxi services  

Cloud-based Apps

Mobile App Developers are planning more cloud driven applications. With expanding utilization of cloud innovation, it has turned out to be considerably speedier and simpler to get information without affecting on your interior mobile memory.

With Dropbox, Google Drive and different other cloud applications, more versatile applications will be cloud driven.

Cloud-based mobile applications are particularly appealing for undertakings as they would to a great extent ease the information security issues intrinsic in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages which is popularly known as AMP is one more trends in 2018 to look for. The project which was developed by Google for its mobile web search result. AMP which allow web pages to load quickly from search engine from your mobile.

From search engine optimization point of view, AMP is transforms all mobile application approaches. Accelerated Mobile Pages has many benefits such as fastest page loading, increased visitors, easy content placement, more visitors, more user engagement and more.

Here completing the list of Top Mobile App Development Trends 2018. In the upcoming year, various innovations gear-up to disrupt the market, ensuring that you are at the top of your game with either a new innovation or leveraging these trends in your mobile app development strategies.

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