Mobile Application is the emerging technology that makes businesses connected with their clients. Statistics of the first quarter of 2021, the play store has 3.8million apps and the app store has 2.22 million apps for their users. This data shows that the demand graph of the mobile app is in a bullish trend. There are a set of processes involved in developing and releasing a mobile app. This blog would be one of the quickest guides for a mobile application.

What is a mobile application?

Mobile application is the set of procedures developed by software programming. This procedure can be run on smartphones to accomplish a set of tasks given by the user. These apps are more interactive and can be reached to more users only if it has been developed in simple and understandable steps. There are various technologies to develop software. The technology can be chosen by the requirement of the mobile application that matches the technology.

The most important feature of the development of the mobile application is the outlook of the app. The design should be more attractive to make the user responsive to the features of the app. Before developing an application, it is important to decide the size of the screen, its features, which platform suits the requirement of the features, and so on.

Mobile application guide 2022

How can a mobile application be developed?

A mobile application can be developed on two major platforms. They are,

  • Android – can be uploaded to the play store.
  • iOS – can be uploaded to the Appstore.

Play Store and App store are the predefined apps that will be present in smartphones. iOS applications can be operated in Apple devices, whereas, Android applications can be operated in Android devices.

The key difference between the two platforms is, Android uses the software Linux and java language.

iOS developers can be developed by using objective C or swift and later. The giant growth of the usage of smartphones increases the demand for apps. Mobile apps play a vital role in branding a product. This results in the need for apps in the future. Apps are simply adaptable to every field in the world. So app development is an upcoming growing field.

Need of an app in every field:

Apps are the most important element in a business to market it around the world. By using apps, one can promote their business by sharing their business ideologies to their customers then and there. This makes the brand stay connected to the world. As the world is always busy watching trending ideas, one can showcase their brand as renewing every day.

Every updated idea or strategy can be reached instantly if they have their own apps. Having your own mobile application is a pride to a business and drives you to a prestigious ride. Developing your own mobile application cuts down all the operational work from documentation to execution by manpower. This also optimises the time of every employee in the organisation. Mobile apps show the highest response time than any other mode of marketing.

Offers and discounts can instantly be notified to the customer. This shortens the response time. By using apps one can make revenue in many ways such as subscription fees, paid advertisements, lead generation, and so on.

There are two ways to develop an app. That is,

Developing the app from scratch
Make a clone app.

Business apps can be developed in both the above ways and one basic thing to suggest is to create an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) and keep track of the customer response. Also, while choosing the platforms to develop an app, getting both Android and iOS apps is an ideal choice. It widens the target audience. So, the brand can reach more audiences that increase the sales automatically.


Costing is the major part of the proposal of the app. Costing can be influenced by many factors such as,

  • Geolocation of the mobile development company.
  • The core attributes
  • The complexity of the application
  • External API integrations
  • Platforms on which the app is being developed
  • Third-party Integrations.
  • Other maintenance like server, SMS, Payment gateways.


  • The time duration to develop an app depends on the following factors.
  • Clarification of the concepts.
  • Interaction with the client about the terms and features.
  • UI/UX designs
  • Actual App development
  • Testing
  • Final approval of the test case.

App Launch:

A developed test case will be moved to live(ready to be downloaded from the play store/Appstore) after the final approval from the client.
Launch your app near any occasion to get public attention quickly.
Promote your app on social media.
Good quality content may create traffic to your online portal.


As a summary of mobile application guide 2022, mobile apps are the future of every successful business and play a massive role in branding any product/service. On the whole, choosing the right Mobile app development company may lead you to bye-pass this kind of research. We assure you that we are the one who comes under the mentioned category of the right app development company.

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