Nowadays people can quickly hail a ride from any place through an app. Cab rides may not be the right medium and still expensive. On-demand taxi business service is booming across the globe and 15 million trips per day can be done unaccompanied by Uber. Didi Chuxing is a Chinese company that can complete 30 million trips in china.

Four wheelers are difficult to drive and it consumes more time. In the U.S due to the congestion $1500 loss per drive. In a major city’s air pollution is due to traffic, the emission rate of a four-wheeler is more than a two-wheeler. The bike taxi services app is more useful for people who live in a high population with congested cities.

Bike Taxi Business Ideas

Bikes are reaching a destination faster than a four-wheeler and better at navigating traffic jams. If a car takes 50 minutes to travel a particular distance, you will be able to cover the same distance within 15 minutes on a bike. Due to some reason, the cost of booking a car is much costlier than traveling on a bike.

What are on-demand bike taxi apps?

Instead of a car, you can book a bike taxi through the app in the same way you book an app like Uber and Ola. After your booking, the bike rider will pick you up from your location, the bike rider wears a helmet for safety. You can also give your views about riding and the rider. The payment can be made online.

About Bike taxis

Only a few firms are aware of the bike taxi so they entered the bike taxi market. But, it seems bike taxi services are the on-demand services by the hour now. When we think about factors like air pollution, traffic, time and the fares then we realize bike taxi services are in demand.

Features of Bike taxi app booking development

Let the passenger can book a ride in a few simple ways through this application. The expected time of arrival of their bike ride and the approximate fare should get by the passenger after a ride is confirmed.

Arriving on details of the bike and the way of the bike can be easily tracked by the customer. The app must get a mapping integration service from the google map.

The app should provide Seamless payment which means the payment mode is multiple when making a payment.

After the completion of the bike ride, the passenger should be able to give a rating about the ride.

History of upcoming and pat’s trips also maintained. Customers can easily manage all their trips.

Bike taxi app users should get Real-Time Notifications that means update and status of the ride through push and SMS alerts.

For easy referencing issues are listed commonly under FAQs.

The user of this application can able to report when issues occurred with drivers or rides.

Why bike taxi over cabs?

Sometimes the pleasure of running through the traffic, offset the luxury of moving around in a car. In places where traffic is going at a snail’s pace, a bike will snail through the traffic smoothly. Riders who want the economical commute to their workplace or any other places can option for bike taxis. The bike is handier than a car when the rider desires to make a situation urgently.

Bike taxi gives the riders a new experience. India based on-demand bike riding firms Rapido operates in Bangalore city. 50,000 times its app has been downloaded and repeat takers are 85%. 30 crores are earned by Rapido.

For entrepreneurs

In the future, the bike taxi advantage has made it an inevitable service. Running expenditure on bike taxi is very low compared to cabs. Special approvals are granted for bike taxi firms by governments. Instead of highly competitive cars, taxi entrepreneurs who want to enter the on-demand taxi booking market choose bike taxis.

The possibility of achieving re very high through the bike taxi because the bike taxi is relatively new. When a customer-facing the congestion problem, then they are ready to choose a bike taxi startup. If anyone has own bike and needs extra money can join with your startup and be the part of the new revolution in transport. They can earn good money and can ride anytime and anywhere.

GPS Technologies 

GPS tracking creates more efficient routes for bike drivers. They can also take into account current and future locations of cabs that are working in the urban center, so assuring that drivers and companies won’t have to over-serve few targeted areas in the city while ignoring others

The GPS navigator helps pinpoint the taxis, location, as well as indicate where the customer is situated.

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