Home issues are quite common and each and every one of us needs to face it in our daily routine. And a few among us really know the way to fix it and not everyone is an expert in handling all the home issues and since it requires a variety of tools. Home service is quite a needy check for any house to install and fix household products.

In the past, finding a handyman for our home-related issues we need to search for someone who specializes in a particular job or needs to call for services and this requires more and more time and energy. Today due to the vast development of technologies, through mobile applications we are having access to thousands of handyman services and we can avail them by just a few clicks.

Top 10 Best Handyman Home Service Apps 2020

Top 10 Best Handyman Home Service Apps

The world is adapting to technology for all day to day tasks. With the huge growth of phones and the internet, mobile apps have turned out as the latest trend for every business solution. There are plenty of Handyman apps available in both Android and iOS app stores to install for free which provides service to various parts of India.

These apps help people to connect with home service handyman for fixing and installing their household products. There are numerous mobile app development companies developing mobile applications for all industries.

Here is the list of top Handyman home service mobile apps available in India and worldwide. 

• Urban Clap
• House Joy
• Mr.Right
• Helpr
• Timesaverz
• TaskRabbit
• Airtasker
• Family Handyman – DIY Tip Genius
• Thumbtack
• HandyTime – Video Chat Handyman
• BrightNest
• Handyman – On your Door Step

Urban Clap

Available – Android | iOS

Urbanclap Handyman Service App

Book reliable home services like Yoga trainers, makeup artist, plumber, electrician, massage therapist and more through Urban Clap. This application provides a variety of professionals who can visit home and work.

You can find the professionals near your area like repair services home tutors, carpenters, plumbers, from the service menu you can select your required services. You can select your preferred timing to get your job done. One of the best Handyman apps which is widely used.

• Easy to find and book a reliable contractor
• Read customer reviews
• Free downloading of the app
• Find & compare professionals

House Joy

Available – Android | iOS 

Housejoy Handyman Service App

House joy is one of the best Handyman apps which is available for free to download. This app allows users to hire professionals for Plumbing, painting, home cleaning, electrical works, pest control and much more. You can book appointments through the app, review the feedback from the old customers, check for pricing and much more.

Background checked professionals were listed in this Handyman app. You can check for verified ratings, can check service charges for different types of home services. You can contact them to clarify your requirement in detail. House Joy handyman app helps in reducing the risk of hiring an unknown person to repair your home issues.


Available – Android | iOS

Mr. Right Handyman Service App

Mr.Right offers around 300+ home-related services under a single platform. This app includes services for house cleaning, electrician, plumber, TV repair, Fridge repairs, computer repairs, home security, packing and moving and more. You can search for the professional, and the app list for the verified professionals within your location. You can get more quality work.


Available – Android | iOS

Helpr Handyman Service App

Helpr is one-stop solution for all your home issues and maintenance. You can use Helpr for kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet, and sofa cleaning. With few clicks, this application helps in getting your service done at the needed time. This app consists of professionals who are experts in electrical repairs, fixing appliances, pest control, plumbing, wood painting, and maintenance.


Available – Android | iOS

Timesaverz Handyman Service App

Timesaverz is another best Handyman providing services like repairs, car washing, home and accessories cleaning, pest controls. The workers are trained professionals who provide excellent services and also background checked workers. You can book a service through the app with your preferred timings. One of the widely used mobile apps, the app is more.


Available – Android | iOS

Taskrabbit Handyman Service App

TaskRabbit allows laborers and skilled professionals can be hired by users to take care of the needed house task. This app allows you to get connected with thousands of skilled professionals who can handle the handyman services like house cleaning, deliveries, and errands much more. The tasks were ensured and the professionals were vetted carefully. TaskRabbit is active in around 19 cities.

• Can connect with thousands of taskers
• All the task were ensured
• Communicate and pay through the app

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Available – Android | iOS

Airtasker Handyman Service App

To resolve the household issues like repairing, cleaning Airtasker will be the best handyman app. It is available free on Google play just download and install to get the service done. Users can write a description of their problem and can get the professional related to the task.

There are more thousands of people around the world getting benefits from this application. Some of the most common tasks are repairing, cleaning, photography and much more.

Family Handyman – DIY Tip Genius

Available – Android | iOS

Family Handyman Service App

This application provides professional secrets and ideas that help in saving your time and money. This app helps in getting your task done with more perfection. You can find more ideas and tips ranging from pest control, carpentry, woodworking, cleaning, painting, washing and much more. This handyman app has a larger number of home improvement tips.

Download and install the app, then choose the option from the menu related to the job that has to be done and find more ideas and tips. There is also a section named ‘tip of the day’ where you can find more useful information. This app is more user-friendly. Family Handyman – DIY Tip Genius is one of the best handyman apps.


Available – Android | iOS

Thymbtack Handyman Service App

You can look for help that you need through this app. Thumbtack helps in connecting you with the professionals around your area. For repairing your leaking room, for organizing your child’s birthday party, for repairing your home appliance, there is Thumbtack.

Download and fill the details of the required job, you will get instant handyman for the job. Each and every professional in the app has profile details and reviews, testimonials from the old users. Service charges are listed on the app itself. More useful and well-designed handyman app.

HandyTime – Video Chat Handyman

Available – Android | iOS

Handytime Handyman Service App

In the field of fixing things, HandyTime is one of the useful applications. This application has the option of video and text chatting with the professionals. You can access them through your mobile app or system. One of the best things about this application is that it does not occupy more space.

This app has groups of different sections that help in handyman work. It is more secure to download and use. Users can learn a lot from this application.


Available – Android | iOS

Brightnest Handyman Service App

BrightNest contains millions of tips to make all your home needs in a more easier way. Through this you are able to get more and more useful information like how to fix, clean, decorate and much more. It helps in shaping your home in a better way.

The interface is quite convenient and simple which occupies an additional value to the app. BrightNest is one of the best Handyman apps through which users can gain more useful tips and ideas for home improvements.

Handyman – On your Door Step

Available – Android 

Ondemand Handyman Service App

For all professional services, this application is a one-stop destination. Handyman app will help you in getting the best professional in order to make your things better. It provides the most trusted services. Services that are provided by Handyman app are Moving homes, home design and construction, interior designing, counselors and much more. Try this handyman app to get your service done at a few taps.

The Handyman apps listed above are the top Handyman mobile apps that are making life easier and helps in getting daily work. This reduces the time and money and the home-related issues were done at few taps.

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