Do you know?

  1. Some of the average companies faced a loss of 23% of their online revenue due to their low-quality user experience.
  2. And then more mobile phone website visitors are likely to close your site tab because of poor interaction.
  3. When it comes to an e-commerce site, it is more likely to have the best site optimization.  Research states that there is a massive revenue of up to $200 billion by 2026 from $38.5 billion as of 2017.  

Ecommerce User Experience

Actually e-commerce is a vast thing when a customer looks for a thing in e-commerce. It’s just like shopping in a brick and mortar store.  They have their own mind whether they decide to buy or just came here to analyze your product. You have to change them to purchase.  To make this happen, follow the below step.

  1. Your homepage has that power, it should be much attractive and user- friendly.
  2. Your e-commerce store has a perfect category listing and your product aisle allows them to walk deeper.
  3.  Your product description should have detailed information about the item.
  4. Your site UI is the important thing that can make or break your business.

Develop your interactive e-commerce site and app with the best ecommerce app development company.  Here are the 6 tips that will guide to enhance a user-experience that will score more conversions

  1. Always Prioritize Your Consumers

Nearly 59% of companies increase their Return of Investment (ROI) by personalizing their consumers. Simple personalized things can make potential customers feel better. 

  • Instead of displaying “Hi” optimized them like “Hi ABC”.This makes your customer, that you are concerned about them. 
  • Second things while designing an e-commerce store always have a wishlist tag,  this helps the consumer to save them for later than search for all the time.
  • The third is to always track the location of your customers and display the list of products that are delivered to their GPS region.
  • Next is always show the recently viewed product that makes them purchase the item.
  • Try to communicate with your consumers in their native language. 
  • Send personalized emails for their birthday, offer, and deals.
  1. Upsell And Cross-Sell

It’s not a complicated one.  When you have an e-commerce store you have to show the products that are similar to the searched product this is what we call Upselling. When it comes to Cross-selling the product that is related and dependent on the search product is listed.  

For example when in multivendor e-commerce shops like Amazon. When we search for a notebook, it shows a different variety of a notebook, and when we login again the feed page shows a maximum of notebook category offers. This is an example of an upsell.

Apart from the same category product, there will be some stationery products like a pen, pencil, and other items that will be shown.  These all occurred by some algorithms at the back-end of the mobile or web app.  This is what we call a cross-sell.  

Always customize your site with an up-sell and cross-sell process.  This will make the consumers check out different products and make them purchase it. 

  1. Reduce An Abandoned Carts

Most of us, sometimes we used to search a product and add it to the cart and sign out without purchasing that.  Later in Mail or SMS, we will get notification about the product that we missed in the cart.

3 Important mailing tips that you need to know

  1. Celebrate With Them

Celebrate important events and milestones with them. Provide some deals on their birthdays and some milestone days that you have been together.  A statistics states that, 

  • 179% of click rate increases on personalized email marketings
  • 342% higher revenue on emails
  • 481% increase in transaction rate.
  1. Educate them instead of selling

Always educate them to get their attention and value them about the product so that they will find the best way to buy that product. Always mention your company highlights and the key specification while educating your consumers.

  1. Send Reminders

Send reminders about your events and offers.  During the ending and starting date of the sale, it is expected that the maximum number of people will purchase on your e-commerce store. 

  1. Implement Out-of- box on Social Media

Connect your site with the social media platforms, make your consumer to sign in with the social media accounts like Facebook so that your consumer will directly send reminders as a notification on Facebook.

 Shop From Facebook

Facebook allows one to directly shop the product on online.  It also helps your consumer to chat with you based on ordering the products and can easily track the data. Also, you can easily monitor the trends and insight on Facebook. 

Another one social media platform is Instagram where you can easily a lot of consumers in a short period. 

One business person can effectively use social media platforms to sell a product and increase its revenue income. 

  1. Explore The Mobile World

All users are very fond of using mobile phones. The rate of active users on mobile phones increases day by day than desktop users.  It is better to develop a mobile application for your e-commerce store so that you can reach various consumers all over the world. 


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  1. Let Consumers To Try Your Product Virtually.

Virtual Reality is trending nowadays and people are expecting to see everything virtually than on images. 77% of people are preferred to check out augmented reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) products before purchasing.

These techniques help one to get the real view of a product so that they can find the best place to fit that in their home. Even in an e-commerce store, it is highly recommended to use both reality techniques. 

Wrapping Up

There are 6 ways to improve the your-commerce user experience:

  1. Send personalized messages to your potential consumers. 
  2. Use of upselling and cross-selling products.
  3. Reduce abandoned carts
  4. Use social media platforms effectively.
  5. Build a mobile application for your e-commerce store
  6. Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality techniques for your business.

Also, develop your e-commerce site and application with the top mobile app development company in Chennai to gain the best user experienced mobile application or website or web application for your e-commerce idea. 

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