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Email Marketing for Mobile App: Creating a mobile application is not an easy task and developers working over day and night for completing an exact output. Every app is made with unique specification and build with great user benefits. After spending lot of hours on developing an app, people having difficulty acquiring app users. Many of the app developers neglecting marketing statergy instead of putting most of the work in development of app.

Driving new users to your app and also making regular visitors for your app from excising users is not a difficult task if you aware of correct marketing strategy. For an example, Push notification is an easy way to engage with excising user and you can make him alive with your app. Apart from that, let’s focus on how you can successfully use email marketing as an important part of your app marketing mix.

Why use Email Marketing for Mobile Apps? 

Most of the people thought email marketing is dead, just because email isn’t new. But, developments in segmentation, conversationalist and automation have made email a great mobile app marketing technique for mobile apps across the whole app life-cycle. For user acquisition, people may switch off push notifications, on those cases Email marketing works with good connection.

For better user acquisition and improved number of total app users – Email marketing is greater and easier method to follow. For successful implementation of Email marketing follow the below listed points:

  • Define an email strategy and segment your list
  • Think mobile friendly template and design
  • Leave nothing un tracked – track everything!
  • Monthly newsletters or perfectly timed nudges?
  • Love reporting your data and adopt data-driven decision making
  • Test, learn, adapt then repeat!

So, start thinking about your app marketing strategy today and make sure you include email. Once you have the content marketing plan sorted, your social media marketing plan will come together easily as you use all channels to distribute your content. Ensure your presence is felt on the social media channels relevant to your App such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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