Globally, at present there are around 2.5 Billion Social Media Users, this count is expected to break 3 Billion mark by 2021. That amounts to around 1/3rd of the world’s population. With such a gigantesque population online, keeping in mind the amount of increase in both market and brand penetration possible, retaining and improving your social media presence is of at most importance.

Social Media being the face of the company in this technological world, it must be handled with at most care. Managing such a delicate entity should be well structured and engineered to achieve at most social media presence. The following methods can be kept in mind:

1) Establish A Team 

Dedication is trivial in maintaining this viral platform. So, primarily, ensure that there is a dedicated team that works towards managing the social media. In small enterprises going on rotation to take up this responsibility would also be of  advantage, as creativity would be fuelled. It might also add up as a fun factor.

2)  Social Media Participation

Make sure your presence is felt by one and all. Be active and participate. It might be answering people’s queries or joining an ongoing discussion relevant to your business on online forums or groups. It can also be a promotion for social cause taken up by your organization. Or even simply by leaving behind comments, your opinion and views on relevant blogs or posts.

3)  Content   

Ensure that the content you publish is authentic and relevant to your audience. Most importantly create the content keeping the consumer in mind. Make sure to acknowledge any other external resource you had to refer to, because you do not want to fall into the trap of plagiarism. This part is the most vital one. Because once the content is created , it is just a matter of distributing and publishing in the relevant websites, forums or blogs. Always try to produce/create your own pictures for your posts and blogs, customise it according to your customers.

4) Choose Your Channels Wisely

Before selecting your channels, for posting your content. Make sure that you can keep yourself active on the platform, also ensure that your organization is capable of maintaining a number of different channels. An inactive account on many channels would do more harm than being active on limited number of platforms. Thus be very careful in what you start to pursue.

5) Listen First!

Rather than just promoting your company on various platforms, ensure that you pay attention to your customers. They might give you invaluable suggestions, also  ensure that you acknowledge them. Respond transparently to negative comments and feedback. Never play the delete button in such situations. You would only wound your brand image by doing so.  

6)  Be Alert  & Proactive

Keep an eye and monitor what’s trending in your industry. In addition, ensure you respond equally to relevant criticism and applauses. It is paramount that you respond to queries and comment on whatever is trending on the right time and not at the eleventh hour.

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