If you are running a successful E-commerce business website, then you know that lead conversions are the key to success. The first step is to generate traffic to your site then convert the traffic into sales. It doesn’t matter how many people visiting your website but without conversion, your business won’t survive.

To almost six times content marketing will improve your conversion rates. Content allows to get connected with your customers, they feel engaged through this content. This will help you increase brand loyalty, engagement, increase sales and boost conversions.

Here are the top 15 ways to get started with Content

1. Start by selecting one form of Content

Don’t waste energy, time and money by implementing all forms of contents on all platforms. Start with one thing and this is best and quick way. Select a form that describes your service, product and customer type. Start with an email content if you are at a loss. Around 74% of many successful business marketers use email as one of their ways to reach customers through content.

Email Marketing provides more Return On Investment. When compared with manual, automated emails works better welcome emails, event emails and promotional emails are some of the best forms of using email for content marketing. If you are starting a new campaign, promotion or sale then reaching customers through emails will bring you more traffic.

To start with content marketing select a medium that you are more comfortable with, it might not be an email.

If you know to add a blog section in your website or use videos to reach your customers or audio clips think and select a particular medium that is more easy and convenient for you.

  1.  Build service or product guide for Customers

There are two things to be considered while reaching your customers one is how you are going to share your content and the other is what you are going to share. An easy and quick way to begin is to build guides for your visitors. Provide solutions for how to use you product, fix and assemble. Give them a detailed view of what service you are offering. Create content for your customer’s questions and answers and this builds trust among your customers. It helps them to buy your product or service.

Use your guides to educate customers and not to sell products. Educate them to take best decisions and add visuals. Visualize your products to customers as for how they work and look. Include Infographics everyone loves it.

  1.  Present with videos of your product or service

When compared with text visuals attracts more people. There are many ways to implement video marketing for improving e-commerce website. You can do in-depth webinars, short ad campaigns, online courses.

Make an ad campaign – Be clear about your target audience, if you want to impress your customers your videos should be catchy and it should stand out from others.

Offer Online course – Online course and webinars are one of the best ways to engage with your customers to grow your business leads. Interact with real people and make a record of it to reach more.

  1.  Offer FAQ sheets and size charts

Size charts can be used for all kinds of products like furniture, equipment, and tools.

Make a look at your products that you are offering. Do you present anything that makes the customer ask any of the following questions?

  • Will I have space for that in my desk or office
  • Will it fit my car
  • Whether it will be too big to carry for me?
  • Will it fit my height and weight?

If you are providing a product consider these questions

  • How much will be the shipping cost?
  • What if it breaks?
  • Whether do you have home delivery?
  • What is your return terms?
  • How much time does shipping take?

As in the case of service

  • What is your refund policy?
  • What does your service package include?
  • If there is any free trial?
  • What are variations of your service packages?
  • You have any discount offer?

You can also update your FAQ sheet and this gives customers more trust.

  1.  Share your Customers stories

Sharing your customer’s stories is not a difficult one. You are promoting your products quality through this. And on the other hand, you are getting content from your customer’s hand. It is authentic, real and easy to produce. Share many customers stories regarding your products and services and this creates more trust among your service. Try to update with inspirational and original stories. Encourage your customers to create a quality review of your products.

  1.  Demonstrate your product or service case studies

The most repeatedly asked question among people to buy a product is “ Does it really works”? To answer this you can add case studies on your website. Prepare your case study based on how your product meets your customers need. This works well to increase sales.

  1.  Use acronyms, Terms, and Jargon to indicate your Industry

Every business has their own special languages. Beginners are always there in each and every field, many customers at the beginning might be studying about not just your product or company may be the entire industry.  Imagine if you are planning to buy a snowboard for the very first time and some of the e-commerce sites provide you details about its features, and how it works it may sound good but you don’t have an idea about what it is. At this point possibilities are there to lose your customer. Make sure you give a detailed explanation of your product from the very beginning.

  1. Provide white papers and research studies for customers

White papers and research studies give more information. Research studies are not company oriented it offers more detailed information about product and services. Providing this can help customers to choose the best among other competitions. It builds more trust and they will not switch over to other websites. The great thing about more researched papers is that they can be referenced re-shared and linked too. You can also gain backlinks from other referring sites.

Ways to start building your resource center

  • Subscribe to the best blog in your Industry
  • Combine infographics, charts, and statistics
  • Search trends from Pew research and ComScore
  1. Share your tricks, hacks, and tips

Product hacks provide more interesting ways to learn and to use it. Customers can come up with new crazy ideas to use your product. User engagement will be increased by giving users the ideas. It makes people buy it even if they don’t have an idea of buying your product. This is one of the method to find all the possible ways a product can be used. Ask your customers to share their interesting Product hacks, present them with images and videos on your website.

  1. Create a precise checklist for your customers

Take for an example if you are providing a wedding planning services, presenting the checklist are easy. Prepare a checklist that includes everything, the items that they need or the suppliers they need.

For selling a product you can also create a checklist. If you sell a outdoor equipment then create a checklist of a camping trip or the things that need to get packed. Likewise, if you provide kitchen equipment present a shopping or cooking checklist.

  1. Share Organized content

People love to read roundup posts. In one location provide all the information they need. This what many successful business do, they curate content that is produced by other people and presents them in a most better way. Work more with curating contents and add more value to your customers. This saves your time because you are not creating, rather you just using the existing content to present in a new way.

  1. Share more valuable personal data

Offering personal data will help in building trust among your customers and this helps them to feel more close. You can share your story of how you came to this position or how you built this business.

Build story of your product and how you make your customers more interested. By seeing this Visitors will like your trust quality and transparency. Your personal stories will help you to present something more fresh and unique. And this will be one of the cheapest and fastest ways to produce content. It helps in building your brand popularity and results in a huge impact on your business sales.

  1. Find our guest bloggers for new content

If you don’t find the time or don’t have the skill to create a content? No worries… You can contact content writes or bloggers.  One way is that you can offer guests to write on your website. If you open to guest blogging, chances are there that you can reject 90% of the blog and remaining 10% can help you.

Guest bloggers can be found out by creating a guest blogging page in your website, and this will start showing up in Search engine result pages and the other way is that you can reach out people who are in the field of guest blogging. Make a research on your competitor website to gather more knowledge about it. Have a clear idea of outsourcing content.

  1. Pay others for creating content for you

There are two ways to implement this. One way is that you can reach influencers to promote your e-commerce site through content and the other way is that you can pay for the content writers to produce content for your website.

Influencers –  These are the people who have a strong social audience. They have more followers. Create a list of target people to whom you want to reach your business. After creating the list start reaching them. Create another list of people to whom you would like to have a partnership with, this needs to be more beneficial to both.

Writers –  The another option is to hire a blogger or writer.  Hire high-quality content writers don’t prefer with cheaper rates their content quality won’t be good. In order to get a good content writer, you can go with the following three options.

  • Prefer content providers like upwork
  • Post ad for freelance content writers
  • Contact a content marketing agency
  1. Create advertisements and Promotions

If you do nothing with your content and this is a way of killing it. Content creation is only one part and the other is promoting it. Promoting a content is important as creating it. Three main channels you can use it for promoting.

Search Engines –  Google AdWords, Bing offers Pay Per Click ads you can use them to reach more.

Social media – You can create paid campaigns to run ads on social medias.

Native ads –  Pay for other sites to link to your content from their sites.

To be successful you no need to go with paid ads, it is one of the fastest way to reach your target. Before advertising select promotional channels to perfectly matched your audiences.

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