iOS 11 vs Android O

iOS 11


The Lock screen and the Notification have been merged into single feature in iOS 11. When you pull down from the top of the iPhone’s display to access your notifications, the Lock screen will comes down instead of a separate Notification Center window.

Once on the Lock screen, missed notifications are prominently displayed, while recent notifications you’ve already seen can be accessed by a second upward swipe in the middle of the display. A second upward swipe from the middle of the display brings you back to the Home screen.

  • What’s New With Siri.

Siri has been updated with more realistic male and female voices that are designed to more closely mimic natural human speech.

There is new Accessibility options which is available in Settings app, there’s a new “Type to Siri” feature you can turn on that allows you to type your Siri queries instead of speaking them loud.

The new  features in Siri will let do things like suggest a topic you might like in Apple News , or suggest a Calendar reminder Or when you’re typing, Siri might suggest things based on what you’ve recently viewed  names of movies or places, for example.

  • DOCK

A quick swipe up from the bottom iPad’s display will bring up the Dock  and shows what you’re doing on the iPad, which makes accessing your favorite apps faster. The Dock can able to hold up to 13 apps. If Slide Over or Split View are already in use, the open windows can be changed by dragging an app icon from the Dock.

Android o

  • Picture-in-Picture for smartphones

Picture-in-Picture or pip is something we have seen in tv for years,giving us the ability to see what’s happening on another channel without having to turn away from what we’re currently watching.

  • Notification

Getting too many Notifications is minimised in this android version. notifications can be grouped together by type, so you can put all your messaging apps under one category and all your news apps in a separate one. This will stop your phone from getting so cluttered when a group of notifications come through at once.

  • Adaptive icons

This is a great feature that should result in a more varied, tailored appearance for your smartphone, allowing manufacturers to decide how icons should look on their own particular handsets.

  • Wi-Fi Connection

The new Wifi connection in Android O permits the devices with specific hardware & application to work together over Wifi even without internet connection. This feature will make the surrounding more united and interaction among users will be promoted.

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