The debate among offshore, in-house and freelancers are continuing ever since the rise of software development has come into the platform. Offshore development attracts many entrepreneurs by its quality, while others have some bad experience. Many who look for mobile app development, faces trouble in selecting the best path in getting their work done in a most effective manner. In this rapidly growing industry, it is more difficult to prefer whether to hire an in-house developer or to go with offshore development or to hire a freelancer. At the end, all three ways will have their own perks and selecting method will result in several factors.

Here we differentiate the major pros and cons of offshore software development, in-house, and freelancer.

Offshore Software Development

Pros of Offshore

  • Resource Availability – Offshore software development will be useful when you have very less competitor on your technology. India has around 700k developers in one city and it is one of the best offshoring places. Nearly all skills and technologies available here and reaching such a destination will be an advantage.
  • Expenditure – Offshore software development greatly impacts in cost and this results in outsourcing projects. In general local developers cost around $100 to 150 and on the other hand developers in other country demands 1/3rd to 1/4th.
  • Rise and Demands as of Projects – Experienced Companies know the difficulties in bringing someone in a short time agreement for a single project. By using an offshore software development company you can save the time of hiring resources, and these can be done with the offshore team. You can use them for all your various and future projects.

Cons of Offshore

  • Team Cooperation – When requirements are not documented team cooperation will be a difficult task as in the case of offshore development they are supposed to work as per the work statement. The client and the developer communication becomes a necessary one.
  • Varying timing factors will be an another factor in offshore development, and this will not affect much in meeting the deadlines.

In-House Software Development

Pros of In-House

  • Business Perspective – It comes with the benefits of business leaders. In-house developers are good in tracking the way in which the business is leading. They are knowledgeable in knowing the priorities. They can also implement their suggestions in sales and marketing too.
  • Domain Knowledge – The second advantage of in-house developers is Domain Knowledge. They know about the company’s entire business knowledge. More the time, faster the bug-free software.
  • In-House Aptitude –  The fulltime in-house developers will spend more energy and time in developing an everlasting software and career progression.

Cons of In-House

  • Time –  When you prefer with an In-house developer you need to spend more time in Interviewing and selecting the appropriate developer. It is time-consuming and complicated one.
  • Expenditure – In-house developers hourly rates are expensive when including health insurance and other advantages. There may be days when they don’t have enough work, and this may result in increased cost.


Pros of Freelancer

  • Perform More Work – They are not restricted to the place of work and time, they can work at their preferred timings and where ever they want. They have the ability to spend more time on projects. Working timings were completely more flexible and we can get our work done in an adequate time and more effectively.
  • Cost – Cost of hiring a freelancer is less when compared with in-house and offshore development. Hiring a freelancer is one of the best choices as in case of cost since you have to pay only for the freelancer’s work and no other money wasted.
  • Expert in the field –  One of the important aspects of hiring a freelancer is that they will be master in that particular field.  They will be certified professionals and can give more outstanding results.

Cons of Freelancer

  • Can Leave – As freelancers don’t have restrictions, it is possible they can leave without finishing the work, particularly freelancers who work on the internet. Chances are more they will depart if their work quality gets down or if they fail to meet the deadlines.
  • Initial Risk is high – You need to take some risk while hiring the freelancers. There may be a number of doubts will their work have good quality, will they meet deadlines.


As per the above three, it is advised to go with Offshore software development. Offshore development will be more cost effective, they can deliver good quality on time, more secure and safe, guaranteed quality services, can gain new business partners, saves your time. Top business leaders like Google, Alibaba, WhatsApp, Github Prefers Offshore software development.

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