Happyfresh is an online grocery business that focuses on country and continent-wide business. They focused on a big deal as the grocery market is growing worldwide. As the internet connectivity strengthens its usage and the number of users using the internet also increases massively, the scope of the online grocery business also widens to the sky limit. Happyfresh is the pioneer player in the e-commerce delivery market. 

Happyfresh platform was started in 2015 and it structured a new idea in delivering the products. They have introduced a new instastyle delivery model in which the ordered items will be delivered in a short span of time. From the initiation of its business, they have delivered up to 100,000 items through its online platforms. Their online sources have been downloaded up to 1.5 million times to date. It is a big achievement for a business of age 6. 

Happyfresh collaborated with many offline stores and direct markets or manufacturers. They have a business structure like instacart and honeybee. The unique thing that makes the business more reach among the people is they have a separate personal shopper to collect the ordered items. Once the personal shoppers collect the items, they will hand over the baggage to the professional courier services. They will have a strong logistics network to deliver the ordered goods to the delivered address in an hour. This is the best and innovative idea behind the success of this business. They show their attention to their customers and in turn give back their unbeatable reach by any other brand. 

From the day of Happyfresh’s initiation, they have allotted decent funding to run the business. Despite their financial strength, they had a very big struggle to stand in their field. At their inception, they have started in three countries. After 15 months of service, they have slowed down the operations in Taiwan and the Philippines. This has been decided to focus and strengthen the operations in their native market Indonesia including two other overseas markets Malaysia and Thailand. Happyfresh was created in the Amazon web services cloud. This is an Indonesian start-up that provides services to its customers at a reasonable price. 

Happyfresh innovatively created a feature that autogenerates the items to shop for customers as tailor-made for every customer. Grocery items notifications will be running out. Shopping suggestions will be provided based on the history of the purchase. This feature acts as artificial intelligence for users to make their search more optimised than before.

Workflow of Happyfresh:

The workflow of Happyfresh is simple and perflex-free. The hierarchy of work in happyfresh is as follows:

  • User login to the app or website.
  • They select the store where to collect the grocery items.
  • The personal shoppers will collect the items and handover to the delivery team who delivers the items within an hour.
  • The collected goods can be replaced by the customer if they are not satisfied with the product and the flow will be reciprocal as the delivery person to the shop.

Features in Happyfresh apps:

There are 4 apps to complete the service in the happy fresh business model. 

  • User App & Website: Here user activities like filling cart, billing process, and payment transaction will be taken care of. 
  • Store App & Dashboard: This app takes care of accessing service, order management app, delivery limit bound, and related works.
  • Admin Dashboard: Admin panel is the backbone of every website/app. This handles the rewards and ratings, real-time tracking, coupon and referral codes, and concerning work.
  • Delivery App: This is the app that fully focuses on the delivery person’s work.

Merchandising of Happyfresh:

Happy fresh serves as a first-party data-driven in-house advertising technique. They wish to serve their customers more customizable. Though this technique is challenging, this benefits the brand to reach this level of success. Happy fresh wish to provide personalised shopping experience though this service is an old one, this can be achieved by internet activity.Happyfresh works on expansion ideas. The ideas will be taken care of by the regional team, whereas, the headquarters will take care of the technical and service-oriented issues. The regional team makes research on the marketing and franchising the service to the required region which makes the region grow by spreading its branches.

Happyfresh spends most of its funds on the business for offers, discounts, coupons, and attracting customers by their activities. This makes the business assert-light structure. Spending some money to save the precious time of the customer is quite a good deal. 


Happyfresh is a successful business model in the E-commerce field. They have achieved this much response by their strong technical and service network. Though they are a 5-year-old business they have to build a strong and trusted relationship with the customers. They provide customised service for their customers that in turn benefit the business. If you are running a grocery business and looking for developing an app like Happyfresh reach, our grocery development app company to develop your own application and reach your customers on hand.

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