The grocery industry is renewing itself to meet the rapidly changing shopping habits during these difficult times. In between changes, grocers are adopting apps and a multi-channel approach to enable faster delivery and pickup services to their stores.

Applications play a key role in these new multi-channel approaches. In recent years, the percentage of grocery stores offering mobile shopping apps to their shoppers has risen from 29.6 to 54.2. Shoppers now use digital experiences from grocery stores in this new world. They also expect a lot from apps. Unfortunately, many of today’s grocery store applications are less likely to provide convenience to shoppers.

If a grocery app fails to impress your customers, it will deeply affect the growth and revenue of your business. Therefore, it is essential to know about the factors and features that may please your customers and help you get the best ROI. Here is a list of some essential features that businesses need to include in grocery applications. 

Login and Signup:

The registration and login process should be easy and user-friendly. You can give users many options to login/sign in via email, mobile number, social media, and more. Do not ignore registration through social media as it improves the registration rate and makes it easier for users to sign in. When logging in through social media, the options to share any product or offer make it a good ad.

Product listing:

Proper product listing plays an important role in making your grocery app popular among users. This is the basis for every grocery app development. Keep your product listing simple, organized, and attractive, including an excellent description to attract users’ attention and provide them with valuable information.

Easy Navigation:

There are many products in the grocery app that result in different submenus, which can confuse your users. So combining the right and strategic menu and making everything clear and simple for the user should be your priority. Make sure the menu has the appropriate category and subcategory for all products and is easy to navigate.

Voice search:

The simple and powerful feature of Advanced Search can do wonders for your grocery app. There are hundreds of products in the grocery app, and it is very difficult for users to choose the right product. However, an advanced search feature-packed with filters will help users find a quick list of things they need. Predict users’ interest based on advanced search functionality and act accordingly.

Price comparison:

Do you compare prices when buying goods online? Most of the shopkeepers want to do so; Therefore, incorporating a price comparison feature into your grocery app is considered a good feature and enhances user engagement. The price comparison feature allows buyers to quickly find out what other brands are priced for similar products. This will make a useful and meaningful comparison so that buyers can decide and make their purchases accordingly.

Product Recommendation:

You must have seen this feature on many shopping sites like Amazon. Based on the user’s previous search preferences, the recommended product list will be displayed below. Adding this feature to your grocery app will keep your users engaged as they get what they need based on their preferences.

Push Notifications:

Push notifications help you send promotional offers and other deals to your customers. It keeps your user updated about new offers and new products. With the Push Notification feature, you can notify your users about discount offers, festive offers, and many other things that will keep the user entertained and engaged in your application.

Order Tracking:

GPS real-time tracking is a must-have feature when creating a grocery app. This allows users to monitor their order delivery from shipping to the estimated delivery time, so buyers can stay up to date and know the current status of the items they have ordered.

Loyalty programs and coupons:

There is not even a single buyer who does not want a discount, Almost all users are interested in coupons and loyalty plans. Grocery use packed with loyalty plans and coupons will surely win the hearts of users. If you want to keep customers engaged in your grocery use, reward them with points for purchased items.

Easy payment gateway:

You need to have a seamless, fast, and reliable payment option for your grocery app. It should have secure multi-payment options such as credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, e-wallet, and so on, making it a flexible and convenient payment option when customers make a purchase.

Wrapping up:

Businesses need to ensure that the grocery app is developed with a customer-centric mindset so that their needs can be met. The grocery app development process needs to be innovative and unique, and the app needs to be developed so that these features make the best user experience.

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