A grocery Business is a business that never gets down. A grocery shop owner may expand the business by upgrading the business online. This kind of up-gradation is known as Single-Vendor Marketplace Application. Here, the grocery shop owner is the vendor and the application developer plays as admin to administrates the system maintenance. The grocery shop owner will sell his/her product online as well as in the physical store. The owner just expanded, not changed. By expanding the business online, it can reach more and more people than as of now. This business has its own risks and challenges. Those also have to be concerned while developing a marketplace application.

Easy Usage of the Application:

                The application developed for a grocery shop should be easy to use. This will be the first preference while using an application. 

  • Make the application easy to register. 
  • All the products must be categorized.
  • Every category should have a product list with its images and price.
  • At the bottom right of the product showing the quantity of the product to be ordered should be placed with increasing and decreasing options.
  • Every time a product is selected, that should be added to the cart. The cart should be placed at the top right corner of the app. So that it will be present on all pages.
  • History of orders and last cancelled orders should be shown so that it would be a reminder for the user.
  • Ensure the loading time of the application will be less. If it takes a long time, the user will show no interest in the application.

Prioritize Information:

            The information gathered from the customer should be prioritized. For example, a customer may add all the needed grocery items to the cart. After the customer completed the order, the pincode will be asked. If the location is not applicable to door delivery then the time spent by the customer is wasted. This leads to dissatisfaction towards your application. 

So specify all the instructions in order. Modification towards the cart should be possible till the customer clicks the “order completed” instruction. If Cash on Delivery is not applicable means that also be  informed prior to the order.  Before completing the order, the convenient delivery date and time should be communicated to the customer. So that they can plan accordingly.

Ensure the Optimum Flow:

The flow of the application should be in the right path so that everything should be displayed in an attractive way. Every category should be displayed in a way that the customer watches every category rather than the products displayed in the brick-and-mortar stores.

Each category of items should be displayed in a way that the customer can find their needs easily. Offers and discounts should be displayed at the top of all the categories. Filters options should be enabled to sort the product list according to the price, brand, review scores, and so on. Different sizes of the images should be displayed in a way that the product should be viewed in all the sizes like front, back and so on. The Search option should be provided with predictive suggestions and auto-correction for the ease of use. Some products may be called by the customers differently. Example: Deodorant may be called powder by the user.

Multiple and convenient Delivery Slots:

It is not possible to deliver the goods to all the customers in the same slot. Every customer may have a different delivery slot. So offer different delivery slots like morning 3 hours, afternoon 3 hours, evening 3 hours.  The delivery of the order should be made in the corresponding delivery slot given by the customer. According to reports, offering a 30-minute interval window ensures that your delivery will be within the selected time frame. You should have the best logistics management to attain on-time delivery. 

Ensure Seamless Shopping Experience:

 The entire process of shopping online should be done seamlessly. If you are selling online, the speed of the application should be viable. If it gets slow or takes time to load the page, the customer may get irritated and stop using your application. So this also be considered equally with the quality of your products. Each and every stop of handling the online delivery should be careful to attain the top position.

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