The need for mobile app development is increasing drastically because it enhances customer interactions by providing digital solutions. One of the advisable and important sources for a business is to have its own mobile application that helps in improving your business sales.

Mobile apps help in reaching your potential customers and are one of the best ways to start your digital journey. The efficiency of your business can be increased through mobile apps.

Mobile applications should work with all the latest trends in order to get the value of the app. With the latest functionality and features, businesses can get the best ROI and can future-proof your app.

Mobile App Development Trends

Here are the list of top 10 mobile application trends in 2024

  1. Wearable Mobile App Development
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  3. AR and VR
  4. Cloud-based App Development
  5. Progressive Web Apps
  6. Voice Feature
  7. Location Feature
  8. 5G
  9. Dark Mode and Gradients
  10. On-Demand Mobile apps

Wearable Mobile App Development

Today you can access everything from your wrist, and it is the best time to invest your app ideas in this wearable technology. Since people started using wearable devices, investing in this area is the best option. This helps in providing long term growth and also you can effectively connect with your customers too. Each and every big business today is working on this technology to give their customers a very good experience. Many fitness and sports brands have already competed in the market and it is slowly replacing the traditional methods.

AI and MI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning helps in improving the mobile application experiences. These AI and MI usage is expected to increase in the upcoming years. For example AI can help users in predicting their needs, recommend products to them and also provide real-time support to them. Machine learning can help in improving the mobile apps performance and making them more responsive.

AR and VR

These two are gaining more popularity in the mobile app industry. Augmented reality can be used for the digital information over the real world whereas Virtual reality can be used to provide a virtual world to the users. This helps in providing more interactive and impressive app experience in industries such as healthcare, education and entertainment.

Cloud-based App Development

Many businesses today are moving towards cloud. One of the emerging trends that gives efficient and seamless user-experience and also reduces the maintenance cost. This trend is most recommended if you are looking to scale up in the future.

Progressive Web Apps

The best option is to go with progressive web applications if you are looking to develop an app for the cost of website development. This helps in getting an app like functionality and environment on the website. Progressive web apps help in reducing your development cost and you can implement SEO that helps in reaching more new targeted audiences for your business.

Voice Feature

Voice feature is one of the most used latest features in mobile apps. It is more relevant and will be the centre of source for the apps. With the inclusion of vice search and voice assistance users can easily navigate on the platform. Customers can use this option for asking questions, voice commands and can search for the required information through voice.

Location Feature

One of the most trending features in every industry. Based on the user’s location you can offer more personalized solutions to them and can boost revenue. A best way to offer more relevant and accurate Solutions. With the help of this feature you can track suspicious activities. It also helps in providing your customers a best experience and offers based upon the location.


As the digital world is moving faster, the new 5G trend will rule the industry. With the improved latency and efficiency, you can use more value out of 5G users. It is an emerging trend if you are developing a mobile app with technologies like AI,VR,AR, machine learning and IoT. An important trend to follow if you are looking for creating apps with faster speed and more responsiveness. It is best to implement 5G for app development.

Dark Mode and Gradients

You may have come across many websites that have Dark mode features. This is a unique feature and it provides more convenience to its users with their appearance. One of the great features that encourages users to use the app without any eye strain. Gradients are also plays an important role making the users stay on the platform.

On-demand mobile apps

on-demand apps allow people to order their services through apps and deliver them to their doorstep immediately. These on-demand apps are increasing in various industries like Home service, transportation and food.

Cross-platform app development – This feature allows mobile app developers to develop mobile apps that can run both on iOS and Android devices. This in turn saves more money and time. Hybrid apps help in reaching wider audiences.

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How these Mobile application trends affect the Industry

All the top trends discussed above have a significant impact on the mobile application development industry. The use of Virutal Reality and Augumented Reality helps in creating interactive and immersive mobile apps. The reach of on-demand apps creates more new opportunities for the app developers.

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There are many new mobile app trends emerging now. But these top application trends will help your business to create a platform with good user-experience. If you’re looking for the best mobile app development service with the latest features and trends, one of the best way is to select an app development company.

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